Cedar Oils, Bed Bug Sprays, and Other Scams

As the bed bug problem gets worse, the temptation to cash in on people's anxieties through hucksterism increases.

Lately I've been seeing a lot of comment spam and instablogs promoting various bed bug remedies. Frequently these are "natural" sprays containing some kind of essential oil, and they often claim a high success rate when applied directly to bed bugs and their eggs.

The important thing there is the last bit - "when applied directly". Even if these claims are true, they are useless, since pretty much anything is effective at killing bed bugs if you can apply it directly. But as the insect's entire survival strategy is built around hiding from us, you're never going to get a chance to apply anything directly unless you already have a terrible infestation.

Right now, there is no product on the market that can kill bed bugs and their eggs where they hide. If there were, this website wouldn't exist. Remember that before you waste any money buying sprays or other treatments that suggest otherwise.