Bed Bugs in Movie Theaters

I've had several letters today pointing me to a CNN story about bedbugs in Times Square movie theater, and asking if the site will start listing theaters and other retail establishments with infestations.

I cringe at having to give this answer, but I think that bedbugs are very soon going to be the norm in movie theaters. I would hate to give anyone the impression that a theater is safe just because it doesn't show up on the registry. Theaters are an ideal habitat for the insects (dark, full of bodies) and all it takes is one hitchhiking insect to establish an infestation.

With the large number of people who come through such a space in a given day, bedbug infestation in public places like cinemas (and libraries, and commuter trains, and airports, and hospitals, and so on) is going to be a chronic fact of life for everyone in the not too distant future.