Helping Responsible Hotels

One of the toughest aspects of running the site is dealing with cases where a hotel has received a bedbug report from a guest and dealt with it promptly and effectively (by calling in experienced pest controllers, treating adjacent rooms, and helping the guest make sure their belongings are properly treated before returning home, for instance by drying them on high heat).

Hotels understandably hate to be listed on this website, and I hate to feel like we're punishing people who act promptly and responsibly to address bedbug complaints. At the same time, I believe it's very important to publicize the extent of the bedbug problem afflicting the US, and the fact that you can really come across them anywhere. So I encourage management and guests to write about the positive outcome, but I don't remove the posts from the site.

For what it's worth, in my travels I would much prefer to stay in a hotel that I knew had a sound bedbug policy and trained staff, and had dealt with complaints promptly, then take my chances in a place I know nothing about. We're approaching the point where there won't be such a thing as a hotel that's never had a bedbug encounter.