Ritz Milner Hotel
813 S Flower St
Los Angeles, CA

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I reserved a room for sunday september 30th 2013 and stayed there. I was unable to sleep due to terrible bedbug bites that started as soon as i lay on the bed. Also they have caused an allergIic reaction. Told the person at the desk who said the manager was not in at the moment. Could not wait for him as I had to catch a plane. Now abroad I don't seem to be able to find the management email to complain about this situation that has brought tremendous stress to my wellbeing!! Tried to send a let

ter in the contact window of their website and it does not allow it! I am so upset that this kind of situation is out there and still with all the reports they are still in business offering good deals to attract customers like myself and then have this happen to them. This is preposterous!! If there is anything I can do, please inform me. So far, at least I can report it here! :(

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I have been staying at the Ritz Milner Hotel since the end of November 2012 on average 4 to 5 nights for work. Today is July 17, 2013. I have been attacked by bed bugs at LEAST 4 times. I complained to MGMT the last 2 times. I was compensated the 1st time I complained. I'm still trying to be conpensated for this last time (July 14 - 15 2013 room 503). I will be going to the Board of Health, my lawyer, and the mainstream media because of the apparent apathy over this issue by hotel MGMT. Stay t


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Spent three nights and am COVERED in bites. Praying the bugs did not follow me home, although taking many precautions just in case. VERY upsetting. Called the hotel and have not heard back from them as of yet.

Stayed one night May 3, 2013. About 4 hours after leaving, the first signs of bed bug bites appeared. By the end of the day, I was covered from head to toe with bites (35+). I've never had so many insect bites, or been so itchy, in my life. Will never stay at this hotel again. This place should be shut down.

August 18-21: We are visiting our son who lives in the area. Arrived Saturday afternoon and while we were walking around neighborhood Sat. night I began itching. We did not spend too much time in our room, I really thought it was mosquitos or some insect since I am allergic to mosquitos. But then I started thinking about what I was doing prior to another breakout--- always the bed! We are packed and ready to check out, will stop at market to purchase plastic bags and deturgent to wash all of ou

r clothes, may even buy new luggage. This has sure put a damper on our week. YUK!

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We will be coming to stay at your hotel. Im hoping that this issue has been resolved. We do not want to deal with bedbugs on our vacation!

I checked into the hotel on Friday night, November 5, 2010. They put me in room 712. When I pulled back the covers, I saw the bed bugs. I did take a few photos (one turned out) and I used my cam cord on my phone so you could see one move.

I ask for a refund and thought they have given me one; however, they have double billed be. It was the Ritz Milner Hotel at 813 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA.

I need to figure out what to do about this. I feel I have a moral obligations to make sure th

is hotel fixes their situation with bed bugs.

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Two people sharing a double room, both beds had blood spots in the morning, and we found live bed bugs crawling in the sheets when we searched.

Room 701, we are part of a group and no other room reported any sign of bed bugs.

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