Carl Hotel
198 Carl St # 109
San Francisco, CA 94117

Found 3 reports:

I read the reports on this website, and called the Carl Hotel, after having made a reservation. I asked if the owner was aware of any bedbug reports, and he said no. Then I told him about these two reports, and he said, "people are just malicious, I guess." Then I asked him if he could guarantee the room was free of bedbugs, and he said "no guarantees."

So obviously this is not a responsible establishment.

I stayed at this hotel (didn't know about this site) the day before I checked in for my Hip replacement surgery. The room was dirty and I felt thing crawling on me all night. It was an awful experience. I slept on top of my jacket and clothes since I couldn't go anywhere else. I think it's awful that this hotel was listed as a place to stay for being close to UCSF Hospital! Never again! Creepy crawlies all night long.

My son and I stayed here before an early morning appointment at UCSF. He slept on a floor mattress and I slept in the bed. At 3 AM, he couldn't sleep so we traded spots. I tucked myself in and a few seconds later... I felt something on my face, a tickle...I went to scratch only to encounter a bed bug crawling on me! I didn't sleep a wink after that, I found several bites on my abdomen, leg and side. Sad, because otherwise it would be a very nice place. :(

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