Hilton San Francisco Union Square
333 O'Farrell St.
San Francisco, CA 94102

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I stayed at this hotel from Nov 8th - 13th for business. When I woke up on the morning of Nov 10th, I noticed a bug bite bigger than the size of a quarter on my tummy. Because I wasn't very aware of bed bug issues and I was very busy during this trip, I didn't pay enough attention to the bites. Then on Nov 11th, I woke up with 6 bug bites (neck, arms, and tummy); each is no smaller than the size of a quarter.

I was shocked and reported it to the front desk, and he reported it to the manager.

I didn't know if the manager was too busy or what, he didn't come out to talk to me; instead he sent the front desk to change my room and to tell me that the would do a formal report with me in the afternoon, send people for inspection and follow up with me later. I was very busy that morning, and didn't have time to insist seeing the manager. The front desk gave me the keys to the new room and didn't offer any help moving my stuff. I moved my stuff, but I felt like this was not the right way to deal with the issue 'cause it might spread the bugs to the new room through my luggage; but apparently, they didn't care as much as I do.

Later that afternoon, I called the manager about the security report. However, he seemed to be too busy to remember/care, as when I mentioned this issue, his first response was like what bug bite, which made me feel very disappointed, as I feel like I was being ignored. But anyway, the security finally came, asked me filled out a piece of paper, and left without asking questions.

I waited till check-out for the manager or somebody to follow up on the inspection, but there was no calls or any official apology. I was really angry, but I didn't want to be rude either, so I asked to see the manager as I was checking out. However, the front the desk told me that all the managers were in a meeting, so I had to leave a note because I had a flight to catch. The manager left me a voice message when I was in the plane. I called him later and left message, but he didn't call me back. I called again today, but it went to the mailbox, which again made me feel like I was being ignored.

I'm afraid to carry the bugs home, so I tossed away all the un-washable stuff, and spent hours doing laundry after nearly 8 hours of travel across the country!!! I really wish to wash my laptop too (I finally left it outside in my car, hoping that the cold weather here can kill the bugs if there's any)...

I feel very angry and disappointed right now by their incapable and indifferent response to this whole issue!!! BTW, they charged the same price as a big room after switching me to a smaller one. Good job, Hilton!

FYI. The rooms that I stayed at are 1-4077 (first 3 nights) and 1-3075 (the last 2 nights).

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