Doral Court Hotel
130 E 39th St
New York, NY 10016-0906

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In the early morning of December 30, 2015 I notice a small brown

spot on the white pillow on the bed in room 1112. I took the pillow

to the bathroom to inspect it under brighter light. I noticed that the

spot was a bug and I immediately alerted the front desk. The front

desk (manager on duty) sent someone from housekeeping to check

out the situation. the housekeeping staff member confirmed tha

t I

already knew. The inept staff offered me another room on the site,

but for reasons that should be clear, I declined. I was on the streets

of New York City at 6:00am in the morning trying to make plans for

my last evening in the city.

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Checked into room 306. Had to use the bathroom right away and noticed bugs crawling on floor and towels. I didn't know right away what kind of bug it was but on a hunch, I checked the bed which was crawling with over a dozen bugs.
Immediately grabbed my girlfriends who were staying in another room on the floor and reported the incident to Angie who didn't seem the least bit surprised.
She agreed to refund our money but then we were given the challenging task of finding another suitable hotel.

Now we are all faced with the task of fumigating our suitcases so we don't bring any home.


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I stayed at this hotel from 12/10/2012 - 12/12/2012. The morning of my checkout, I found a live bedbug crawling on my sheets. I reported the incident to the hotel. Although I did not receive any noticeable bites while staying at the hotel, I did develop a number in the following week, making me wonder whether the bites were due to a delayed reaction to the bedbugs.

This hotel is now called St Giles Hotel. Checked in 12/29 to room 1202. Woke up morning of 12/30 with pillows and fitted sheet clearly showing a number of live crawling bed bugs of varying sizes - and a number of blood spots on pillows. We caught 4 in a cup and Angie from Housekeeping came to inspect and also viewed the live bugs on pillows and sheets. They said they were taking the room out of service but want to report so people check extra carefully. There is nothing more creepy and

discomforting and embarrassing than paying $250/night to be exposed to filthy bugs while you sleep. We checked the mattress when we arrived too, but they have these brown fabric headboards and they must live in them. We got moved to another room on lower floor which seemed to be bed bug free and they dry cleaned whatever clothes we gave them. The psychological effect of seeing blood filled bugs where you just had your head while sleeping is something you should take all good measure to avoid. Could not sleep in new room because of it and got the heck out of there on first scheduled transportation to return home and actually sleep without fear of being sucked by vampire bugs.

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I stayed on the 14th floor of this hotel Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week. On Tuesday at work, over the period of an hour or so, I noticed that I was itching my forehead and shoulders. Soon after I found what looked like lots of mosquito bites all over my shoulders.(No mosquitoes this time of year in NYC).

Only when I returned home to California (still itching) did I realize it was bedbugs.

I have written to the hotel.

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