Holiday Inn Express Madison Square Garden
232 W 29th St
New York, NY 10001-5201

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Stayed there January 10th, 2016 through January 12th, 2016. Room 603. Bed by the window.

On the first morning I noticed a series of small itchy red areas on my left hand. They looked and felt like chigger bites but not as itchy. The next morning, Jan 12th, I had more of the same on my right hand and wrist and both forearms.

I told the girl at the front desk about it and she took my number and said shed have the room inspected and call me to let me know what I found but surprise surprise

, no callback. I emailed the customer care folks at Holiday inn and they referred me back to the hotel saying they would contact me within 48 hours but no response yet. The customer care said its best handled by the hotel staff. Ya, sure.

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I Stayed in room 409 on Thursday April 30th 2015 for one night. Woke up with a Bite on my cheek and arm. On way home My back was itching like Crazy. Upon getting home 3 hours after checking out I inspected my body and confirmed they were bed bug bites as I'm severely allergic to them from last bad hotel experience. I called hotel immediately, they said upon first inspection room showed no bugs. They said that it wouldn't be until today , may 4th that anyone professional would go look at it.

Staying at this hotel both my daughters woke up this morning
covered in bites. The hotel sent someone to
Look at the bed and we were told there was
No sight of bed bugs.

Staying at this hotel both my daughters woke up this morning
covered in bites. The hotel sent someone to
Look at the bed and we were told there was
No sight of bed bugs.

Recent stay at this hotel (4th floor) from 3-3-13 to 3-6-13 (three nights) yielded some nasty bed bug bites on both hands, forearms and a few other spots. The reactions did not show up in force for several days. Today is 3-12-13 and I'm treating the reaction with antihistamines - Benadryl and Allegra. This is not a good way to find out you are allergic to the bites!

My co-worker just returned from a trip to this hotel and is covered in giant bites. He said he woke up at about 1 am and flipped on the light and the bed bugs were EVERYWHERE. The hotel offered to move him to a different room. He chose to leave the hotel altogether.

i was at the hotel 2 weeks ago on the 15th floor - after brining a bedbugs to the front desk - they quickly moved me to a lower floor

I'm currently doing research for an upcoming stay in NYC, and I thought I'd share on this board that I read on Trip Advisor feedback two recent bed bug incidents at this hotel in user feedback on that site.

If you'd like to read through the feedback, the link is:

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