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The posting listed on the date: 12/03/2010, is likely management trying to do damage control. The bed bug problem in our building is out of control. There currently is no professional company at this time treating our problem. The company that was here did have an issue with a rude tenant that did indeed yell at the technician. As I understand it the tenant would not stop talking and interrupted the technician too many times. The technician did not have time to baby sit and told the maintenance

man to have management deal with the unruly tenant. I know this unruly tenant and I believe the tech. It was management that chose to pull the plug on the pest control company and leave us tenants to fend for ourselves. The company that was here is the best in the area and is the only company in Juneau, as of this writing, that uses the latest technology, heat treatment, to treat for bed bugs. They has handled 100s of infestations successfully. The have cleared out infestations in many buildings including public housing and a shelter. Too bad for us tenants that the big mouth on the 12th floor did not have some manners.

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The most recent posting is very confusing to me, as the company that was treating this building back in March of last year was not very professional and actually screamed at my neighbor.It was our understanding that this is why the landlords had to find another company. They are currently handling the problem in a very competent manner and give us all great communication on what is occuring, holding meetings and visiting us individually. This problem is spreading throughout the Juneau community

and is very hard to control as we understand and we think the owners are handling the problem as responsibly as possible.

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As of this report the 100 plus unit apartment complex has had a problem mostly on the 5th floor. There have been a few units on the 12th and one on the 10th floor to receive treatment. The pest control company has been using the current heat treatment process and has had very good results. The new owners have been going threw managers and staff and have been until recently slow to respond to the problem. As long as management continues to use the current pest control company I am confident our p

roblem will remain controlled.

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