330 N Nanaimo St
Vancouver, BC V5L
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The tenants that complained below did not report the problem immediately they just decided to skip we now have found out the last building they did live in had bed bugs now they put the blame on Management we have professional pest control under contract for bed bugs and any other issues please call Manager at 604-657-5322 for any problems this Building is treated like any other one in Vancouver

We've had bed bugs for about 3 weeks I would say... I've noticed lots of people throwing out furniture so maybe it's not just us.. we will be moving out at the end of the month as I'm pretty certain the landlord will do nothing about it.

This problematic tenant below will be responsible for damages caused to the apartment Inc Police and Fire department Fines the Apartment now is being renovated back to our standards Thank you Manager

The building is INFESTED with mice, cockroaches, and bed bugs. The mice are so bad they would wake me up in the night "fighting in the living room" and the next door neighbours slept with ear plugs. I wasn't able to use my kitchen in the last months because of the infestation. I had trouble finding a new place to live because I have an animal, so we lived in squalor and filth.

Bed bugs I had twice in one year, first time ever. Manager Patrick will spray the apartment once and then "convenient

ly" forget to spray the second time. There are also a lot of "binners" that live there so bed bugs are continuously brought back into the building.

Manager Patrick Bacomo (604) 657-5322 is only a rent collector and does not return calls from tenants or do any repairs or maintenance, and you have to fight to get your damage deposit back. The owner George (604) 328-7404 is in West Van and is a ghost. The above mentioned are just some of the health issues. The lobby carpet is mouldy from floods and the front door is often broken so you cannot EXIT the building. A serious fire hazard.

The building is not securely locked allowing people who don't live there to freely roam the hallways. There are also many drug dealers operating out of the building, including suspected drug labs, so there are also a lot of "customers" in the building. Tenants in the building are half working people and half crack cocaine users.

If a tenant has a problem in the building the instructions from Patrick are to call 911. As a result the police are there twice day.

I am not a "disgruntled" tenant as there is photographic evidence as well as reports to police, fire departments, and the City. I had to move before filing this complaint because Patrick and George will retaliate.

Please do not be fooled by any responses to this complaint from "Property Maintenance" as they are no doubtedly from George or Patrick. I am also suspicious of some of the posts here from "previous tenants" but they are from a few years ago so perhaps the conditions were better then. The building is one of very few in Vancouver that allows pets so that is how they continue to lure people in. But make no mistake, these folks are bad people and the very definition of slumlord. The building is nothing more than a DTES SRO, only for twice the price of rent.

If you move here you will come out much poorer because you won't get your damage deposit back, and you will have to throw out your furniture, bed and belongings because of the bed bugs.

If this post only helps one person not have to go through what I went through then it will have been worth it. Thank you.

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Property Manager did follow up No Problems at this time if you have a problem contact Manager 604-657-5322

I moved out because I had bedbugs so bad that after one fumigation treatment, I was still getting bit all over my arms and face. We also had mice coming in when the weather got cold, apparently the pest control company who was hired to come in and spray, only fumigates from suite to suite as people call and complain, They won't do the whole building at once, which would make sense, so the bugs just move around from unit to unit. The building manager doesn't even live there so they don't care wha

ts going on. Lots of questionable renters alongside lower income families. It's sad. When I lived there (from '08 - '09) there were people coming by at all hours of the night buzzing to get let in - and some shifty looking guy in a wheelchair hanging around the back of the bldg high on something, asking people if some guy named 'Dave' was home and if I could tell him he was outside? Oh sure!

If you want bed bugs, this is the place!

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I just moved out of 330 North Nanaimo Street due to cockroach investation. When I was moving my stuff out, I had to throw it ALL away because there we Bedbugs ALL over all my stuff. The manager Pat and owner George are very nice and are trying to make the building a better place to live. Just a heads up to all that plan to live in this building. Not to mention the prostatution and drug using and dealing that happens there.

I have lived here for a month now and my apartment does not have bugs.

It is not true that there are "bedbugs in every apartment in this building." I have lived there for several years and I have never had them. Please check facts before posting.


The posting below is all **False** it has been posted by a **Disgruntled Employee** we use MPC or Canadian Pest Control If their are any deficiencies repairs are done within 48 hrs.

Property Management

An accquaintance of mine had recently occupied a suite in this building for a few short months. My accquaintance personally did not encounter any problems, however heard rumours of an infestation on the first floor. Shortly after, those first floor occupants moved out.

I have been in this bulidng and can confirm that is very poor condition and utterly improperly managed.

Campbell Street, Vancouver BC was in 2007 but they are back there. One girl went to see a doctor because she was full of bites that became infected but she did not tell the doctor the bites were from bed bugs. The 9th floor is definitely bad.

Trina, we had them and just moved recently. we did everything to make sure we were safe, threw out ALL furniture, and only took personal belongings such as clothes (washed in heat multiple times and bagged), shoes (put in freezer for one week, then bagged), and our computer. We are terrified we might find a stowaway somewhere. I would rather die. Just wondering how you found one and on what. How long have you been free of these evil evil creatures?

There are bed bugs at this building every apartment .I had 10 exterminations and the bugs still stayed because the building should have had every suite done at the same time. This went on for a year long story short i left everything i owned behind so i wouldn't take bugs to my new place, I still had one bug follow me and i killed it and thank god i was finally free of them. You really have to leave every thing you own to get rid of them, If not your only spreading them to the next place, I may

have lost all my things but the best part about this is no bed bugs!! Do your home work...

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