450 N Nanaimo St
Vancouver, BC V5L

Found 3 reports:

Mice infestation, bed bug infestations. Slumlords who do nothing to properly address the problem. This building is horrible. Many known cases but yet the are against treating the whole building. Bugs just keep circulating. Stay away from this hell hole. And any other building owned by royal providence management company

This building is infested. The last report was from 2009 so I moved in 3 months ago thinking if would be fine by now. Two suites upstairs were infested and we were not told about it upon moving in. Or when it happened. They refuse to fumigate the entire building and think doing it suite by suite will get rid of the problem. It doesn't. We have now gotten them in our suite.

They also don't tell you about the mouse infestation in the building that they claim is normal and doesn't need pest con



They only care about getting suites rented out and not about safe and clean living conditions

They do not care about tenants or maintaining a proper building environment

see full report...

There is currently two suites that I know of infested in this building. Worst part is there is new tenants in the suite where it originated and the landlord rerented the apartment 1 day after the first spray and told them the guy was coming back because of a flea problem.

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