107 E Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5T

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Since October 2014, building is bed bugs free.
NO reports submitted or recorded.
Mainly, it is a tenants responsibility to be careful and report any issues to the manager.
We definitely can not read your mind and see behind the walls what is happening in your bedroom.
Bed bugs love Vancouver area due to the climate.
Together we can fight them, and do not forget they exist since ancient Egypt.

It is sad that on this web site you have only bed reports posted about Santa Rosa. Maybe you ca

n also consider to create a section for positive feedback. Building has 45 units, many people are calling it home, are happy and are very clean. Building like a family - you will always have happy moments, issues and problems. It is up to team to work it out, and go forward and make difference.

Also, nobody is forced to live at Santa Rosa,it is free choice, do not blame always some else.

Good luck to all the tenants, it is important to find place and call it home.

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Due to these smelly, disgusting & incredibly rapidly growing cowardly (BLOOD SUCKING) INSECT!! ......DO NOT, and i repeat (DO NOT) move into the BROADWAY ROOMS........Located right near Main st. & Broadway, right in between the barber shop and the skateboard shop called *anti-social* .............Directly across the street from the mt.pleasant library and huge clock in the centre of the street! .....It's in a beautiful community called Mt.Pleasant which unfortunately is becoming overrun by

these nasty parasitical insects live for multiple years and they generally feed approximately once a week & can survive to up to a year under most weather conditions after only one feed! ..........Only the male bedbug bites and the female will lay the egg's. The egg's look like a very small peace of sticky rice, about a 1/4 inch of small grain of dry rice! When they are still babies they are transparent in colour and need to feed at least once to detect, and twice to turn into a light red-like colour eventually getting darker! ....Also unlike the cockroach the bedbug does not discriminate and does not seem to care so much on the cleanliness of your residence; tidiness your location etc. They have often been found in 5 star hotel's and mostly transient areas, movie theatres, library's and places that people frequent often! They love to make there home electronics, small cracks and crevices and they love to hide in the linear of your mattresses.......there are precautionary measures that you can do to slow down the spread off these nasty critters!! ..............THESE ARE SOME OF THE WAY'S to slow down the spread and control getting bitten while trying to have a good nights rest! ......1)make sure your bed is a few inches away from the wall. ....2)protect your mattress with a bed-bug cover. 3)at the bottom of every pole that is holding up your bed, place a piece of double sided tape at the base of each pole and around the bottom this prevents the bug from getting onto your bed. 4)if living in an S.R.O or APT place sheets of double sided tape at the bottom of the door that enters your room, since B.B's are a hitchhiker they like to roam the hallway's and enter people's room's through the door! These are just a few tricks to slow down the process of these hard to deal with blood suckers!!! -good luck

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Moved in last September and never had a clue about the history of this building. This web site explains a lot and yes I have been now twice hit with these little blood suckers. Now i will once again throw all my shit out and spend a hundred bucks doing my laundry. The last time this happened the landlord got me treated and brushed it off as a one time thing, (Never) saying that this has been an on going problem. Guess i have to start looking for another place to live cause I'm totally grossed ou

t now. And I would use caution if your thinking of moving here cause i fell for the whole great location good rent newly renovated suites thing. I know it's not the only building in the area affected by these bugs from what i can tell on this web site but I'm grossed out now and I'm glad i found this registry.

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I have had to be sprayed for bed bugs probably about 6 times. One might ask why i have continued to live hear. I love my home and could not afford to move i did everything by the book. I threw away half my stuff got all new furniture it was a living hell. Whatever company was spraying for the bugs were not doing it properly. I have been free of them for a year now. But they are renovating the building and sturing up those critters so beware Bayside property management are a bunch of ass holes an

d are charging an arm and a leg for rent now. Renos do not get rid of bed bugs.

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Just saw this

"While your landlord is responsible for treating a bed bug infestation, having bed bugs may not be reason enough to break your tenancy agreement and move out of your place. The City of Vancouver enforces pest control through their Standards of Maintenance Bylaw. Phone the City at 604-873-7398 if your landlord is neglecting your bedbug situation."

from: http://www.tenants.bc.ca/main/?bedbugs

Maybe you should call if the caretakers are not addressing the problem appropriat


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THERE EVERYWHERE!, I'm getting bites again and I'm slowly losing my mind hunting for these blood sucking pest. I mean how many times do I have to get treated in less than a year, This is bloody insane! People have been moving out like crazy and there are a ton of vacancies all the time and now I see why!,I just cant afford to move I feel trapped!. All my neighbors have been treated time an time again over the last few months and the caretaker says its under control.YA RITE!,I agree with all thes

e post on this site (DON'T MOVE HERE),And for the add on Craig's list don't fall for it!

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I've been here for a year and I have my second round of bed bugs. I think its due to the renovations and the high turn over rate, people moving out and dragging all their infested stuff through the hallways.

Do your self a favor and DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING. Ive seen the craigslist add for this place, and I'm shocked at the amount they are charging especially considering tenants will be trashing their beds and couches a few months later when they move out due to frustration. I've been w

aiting three weeks for the caretakers to schedule a treatment.

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yup found them in the hallway on the 4th floor,, i think the guy in 406 had them really bad before he moved out last week and now he dragged all his stuff across the hallway floors and down the stairs exposing all of us to his bed bugs..this building is doomed if we don't all get treated for these bugs at the same time,, the treatment per complaint method this management Co. is practicing is useless and in my opinion a large waste of time and money. ever since Bay side came into the picture the

problem has only gotten worse,,don't get me wrong ,I'm not pointing any fingers at anyone in particular, this is just poor management! hope they don't come back to my suite i cant afford to do laundry like that again!

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I haven't lived here or know anyone who has but still would like to do the decent thing and flag the location on this website.

To: very very anonyomous or anyone else currently experiencing bed bugs or that have experienced bed bugs in the past. I am looking for someone that lives in Vancouver or surrounding areas to tell us their story. Please respond as soon as possible to me at either 1-877-553-2724 or email me at [email protected] - or find us on twitter @gogreencleaners

Thanks for your time and I look forward to talking to you in the near future.

"OMFG"!THESE RED LITTLE BLOOD SUCKERS ARE EVERYWHERE IT SEEMS. I'm getting bit every night and I'm killing them one after another.I need help but now I'm afraid to say anything to the land lady woman that runs this place cause she is very vindictive and mean, believe me I've had my run ins with her on other matters and she can be pretty nasty. besides the bed bugs there seems to be a vermin out break in the laundry room and i swear i saw a huge freaking rat in the storage room! I think I'll pay

to get my suite chem treated by the ORKIN MAN myself to save the humiliation of the land lady knowing i even have this problem in the first place,that way she wont talk shit about me to the other tenants like she has to me in the past when she didn't hate me so much! And what the hell is up with the rotting fish smell on the second floor for god sakes?

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DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! BED BUGS BED BUGS BED BUGS!!!,,, the caretaker is a nice lady but seems forced to lie about the bed bug issue that has irrupted over the last 2 months, or as i can see on this address report- for longer! save your self a costly mistake -DON'T MOVE HERE!

Apt 410
We moved in last summer (2011) and definitely did not bring bugs with us. Within 2 months of moving in we were being bitten every night. 5 months later we've had 2 full chemical treatments, and are still being bitten. We have given up and are moving out, like so many other people in this building have. I cannot stress enough that we did not bring them with us, so they have definitely come from the apartment itself, through the walls, carpets, electrical outlets, etc. I saw on this

website that the apartment next door has had them (the tenants have since moved out) as have SEVERAL other apartments in the building. Our experience with building manager Barbara Niles has been better than other people on here, she has been prompt and helpful. But the fact remains that we have not been able to get rid of them through multiple treatments, and with the number of infestations in this building I highly doubt they're going to magically disappear any time soon. Great location, cheap rent, but NOT worth it.

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a few days ago i woke up in the morning as i always do and noticed 6 or 7 bites on my legs and ankle,of coarse i freaked out cause we just had a big building inspection for various things, bed bug included!,i ripped apart my bed and at first i could see nothing,then as i was putting my sheets back on out crawled from the foot of my bed this big red bug all filled with my blood. i was in a state of panic at this point,i called my caretaker (BARBRA NILES),she said that a lot of suites have been af

fected over the last few months and that she would arrange a treatment for my place, so i asked her as to why she has not informed the building about the issue at hand if they have known about this problem for such a long time,and she snapped at me and started making it feel like it was my fault for having them (bed bugs) in the first place. i quietly said to her that she is being very unreasonable with me and i asked her to calm down,,the lady hung up on me! so now i have made plans to get hell out of here, im going to get sprayed or what ever its is that they do to treat for these things, im not going to pay march rent and im going to just leave! as for those of u reading this , yes there is a big bed bug issue more so on the 1st and second floor from what i gather so no i dont suggest moving in here no matter how great the location is cause you will most likely get bit by the bugs and bit by Barbra Niles the caretaker if you move in and get bugs.

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The Santa Rosa at 107 e Broadway just went through a whole per suite building inspection today for what i thought was a general inspection,,,to my dismay it was a bed bug inspection!! i really had no idea this is why they were coming and the 48 hour notice never disclosed the purpose of entry,,it really would have been nice to know before hand,,anyways these people looked through my suite and found nothing( thank god ) I later found out by over hearing my caretaker in the stair well that over ha

lf my buiding is effected by these blood sucking little bugs and thats enough for me and my cat to get the hell out of here,,and i recommend anyone thinking of moving into this big yellow box to rethink and move somewhere more nice like im about to do so you dont get eaten alive!! and if u already live here id get sprayed and move.

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I have lived in the building for just over a year... I have heard of a lot of outbreaks in the building but have not had one myself. About 6 months ago I heard the person in the suite next to me had them so i requested to get the exterminator into my suite. They were really good about it and the week i requested it, they came in. I still have not seen any and am quite diligent about checking my couch/bed and i vacuum about once a week. I think the higher up you live in the building the more ther

e are. I'm moving out in 2 weeks and hope the new owners do something about this asap. Its really disgusting. I do not want to find any and then bring them into my new place.

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i did some investigating because my roomate and i are very scared of an out rite outbreak and this is what we were able to dig up,,,,,, 106,108,204,203,206.207,211,304,303,305,306,307,314,408,406,404,403!!! past or presently infested,, all of which have past been treated or are currently awaiting treatment!! new management not very responsive to those who are currently infested,,some of us were told to wait 3 weeks until live in caretaker is hired!! our old live in caretaker would have had this

taken care of this in no time! I am now making plans to move once ive received treatment.

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I had recently moved into the Santa Rosa. The first week there was fine but the second week has been hell. I have never had a bug problem before. I have been having red welts appear on me for the past week, last night I woke up at 1:30 AM, my arms burning and covered with so many bites. I can't sleep at night. The welts are insane and becoming infected.

I have tried spreading that powder stuff all over my apartment to slow them down a bit but it doesn't seem to be helping. I haven't s

een any yet, but have put double sided tape around my bed to see if I can catch any.

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Having lived at the Santa Rosa for a little while now, a sudden infestation has occured. As of the week of august 20th or so. Asking other tenants, apparently it's just common knowledge and that they are throughout the entire building. my roomate and I have contacted the building's new owners about an exterminator coming in and handling it, of course we've had to follow up a few times to get anything done. Still nothing. Woke up this morning to see one crawling at my face. Utterly disgusted, mov

ing ASAP.

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I was told I was the ONLY tenant to have a problem in the building. They told me none of my neighbours would be informed let alone treated for this problem.
I am having a difficult time in knowing what to do next. After about a year of the bed bug infestation coming and (never really), going I am at a loss. Will moving help? I don't want to just bring the problem with me, or leave it for the next person.
This is too awful!

Insomnia creeps, I stay awake as long as possible to hunt and crush

Other than powdered fossils... what non-chemical treatments should I use?

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Not as helpful as previously stated. Eggs began hatching on Sunday, May 30th after the spray despite my vacuuming efforts so I alerted the landlords that we needed a 2nd spray. They gave me the number of the exterminator and told me to schedule it myself (although they are paying for it) which was all well and good except that whomever it is that they've hired is a complete ass. After being informed that it is entirely my own fault that we still have them, he reluctantly agreed to come in again

later this week as some kind of favour I should be ever so grateful for.

Will see if things go better this time around.

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Room 204. Two bugs found on the 20th of May, 2010. Had been itching for two weeks prior and decided to do a thorough check of the apartment and sure enough, they were hiding out right under my mattress!

As I don't have any guests over nor do I sleep anywhere else, I suspect they came either from somewhere else in the building or a thrift shop table I had bought recently.

Landlords are spraying ASAP and have been a great help with informing me in what I need to do.

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