335 E 14th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

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I moved out of this building recently, because of the consistent bed bug problems and the horrible management of the building, and their lack of action. Nothing ever gets fixed or dealt with in a timely manner, if at all. Ruined furniture, beds, and clothes were the last straw. The excuse is always cost and the local guy Eric blames the owners who live out of country. It was too stressful living in those conditions.

I moved in just this past September to a suite on the east side of the building. I was moving from out of town so I bought a brand new $600 mattress. At the beginning of November I started to notice some bug bites but they weren't itchy at first, so I didn't even suspect bed bugs. I ignored for a while until there were many bites and until I was so itchy that I had to go to the doctor. She knew right away that they were bed bug bites. I have now spent the last two months washing everything I own

and drying it on super high heat and storing it in tightly sealed plastic bags. I am constantly vacuuming and bleaching everything. Living here is making me a neurotic mess. The problem is, I've only caught one bug but I'm getting bit every night!

I'm a student so I don't have a lot of extra money, but I'm waiting until next payday so I can have a pest control company to come in and do an inspection. The management in this building is absolutely TERRIBLE. If you want anything done you literally have to threaten the manager by calling the BC tenancy board (for example: leaving me with an apartment door that doesn't lock for THREE weeks, and allowing me to go TEN days with no electricity in my bedroom and bathroom due to an electrical issue). So I can only imagine what it's going to be like to deal with this situation with him. I'm sure the blame will be placed on me for the problem. But like I said, I bought a brand new mattress from Ikea after I moved in. Also, when I first moved in, he mentioned that the last couple left without notice. Maybe that should've been my red flag! They probably left because of BED BUGS!

So now I have to throw out my brand new bed and I can't afford to buy a new one. I can't really afford to move and living here not knowing when you'll be bit next is just awful.

If anyone else lives here and is experiencing this issue, please say something! It will be easier to fight this with more of us.

If someone reads this and is looking to move here, it's an awesome area so I understand the appeal, but it is NOT worth the trouble! Don't do it!

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Is anyone at this address currently experiencing bed bug bites? I have mysterious bites and I can't find the culprit. Some nights are worse than others, but it's a bite here a bite there, not in the typical bed bug fashion.

Living on the west side of the building.

Around March, April 2008, I started to notice very itchy reddened bites on my body.
I wasn't sure what was causing them, but knew they were some kind of insect.
I found out from my doctor they were BED BUG
bites !
I was shocked and disgusted. I feared sleeping
in my own bed, and was very distraught and
upset. I had to leave my apartment for a few days to get away from the scene of the crime.
I somehow thought maybe I brought to problem to myself and was too embarrassed to say an

Then I found out other suites also had bedbugs.
The management of this building denies there is a problem.

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I began to get bit in July 07. Thought it was ants because I saw an ant in my apt....then I went away for work for 3 weeks....when I came back it had gotten worse...my boyfriend and his daughter housesat for me when I was away and didn't get bit...weird!

I started getting more and more bites and my mom told me to go to the doctor because she thought it was hives. It was not.
She said it was bedbugs and after my boyfriend inspected the bed for a really long time, he found one....


r spending hundreds and hundreds of $ in cleaning/preventative supplies, days of sleepless nights, and a couple days missed work, I decided to move out before they come back because if they are not dealt with properly, that's exactly what they do. Your apt and apts that surround you need to be professionally fumigated. I got them from the apt beneath me that decided that he would deal with it himself..ugh!
But people continue to huck mattresses in the dumpster....so I'm sure they are still around!

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