355 E 15th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

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Orkin has checked this location on a weekly bi-weekly basis for the past 7 months. 0 activity since initial treatments (both steam and dust treatments). Orkin will continue to monitor the suites for the remainder of the year.

I haven't seen any bedbugs here, but I don't believe the problem is over. There have been several mattresses left by the dumpsters, and I have seen the orkin truck parked in the back recently.

I am the manager of this building. We did have issues of bedbugs on three suites. Okin came in to treat each suite about twice, one suite he had to do several times, as one of the tenants continued to bring things into the building. It was such a hassle, but we got the full co-operation of the tenants and it has been 3 months now since any activity with Okin coming in to do the followups and also doing his monthly checks.
Hopefully this probem is solved, if any of the tenants see or sus

pect, please call Orkin pest control immediatley and also let the manager know.
Thanks for the co-operation of all living here.

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Update to last post:
Orkin pest control came and sprayed our place twice in a span of four weeks (once as a follow-up). We saw tonnes of dead bedbugs! Did a major clean-up, got rid of a lot of clutter etc, just to eliminate places for them to hide. We also caulked all the base-boards & edges of the outlets in all rooms.

We have found the odd dead bug in recent weeks, & a handful which must have been hiding somewhere & avoiding the spray. But the problem seems to have been eliminated or sup

pressed, at least for now. When you know what to look for, these little bastards seem easy enough to keep under control. The only thing that worries me is that the lady next door was recently sprayed again. She may not be as mobile and able to take as many precautionary measures as we have been, I suspect. Not to mention that I'm sure there are bedbugs in the walls somewhere in this building, as that's how they seem to have entered our suite. No word on whether any other suites have been infested yet, but we're staying on our toes, because I don't think there's any fool-proof way of keeping them out of your suite if they are in the building!

It's the same old "spray one suite, then spray the next one the bugs spread to", and on and on. I understand the difficulty for the landlords, but this building should probably be completely nuked with pesticides to be safe.

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That "long-term resident" mentioned before turned out to be our next-door neighbour. We had no idea any of that happened.

We've probably had them since around June/July, but only figured out for sure on Sunday October 25th. The caretaker was very prompt in calling Pest Control and informed us (when we asked) that the person next door had them recently.

Since our shared wall with them runs along the bedroom, it's really no surprise that they came to us after the other suite was sprayed.

Pest Control is coming in 2 days and we are just crossing our fingers that this will all go away very, very soon.

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one long-term resident of this owner treated chemically for bedbugs (this is a second-hand report)

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