621 E 7th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

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I had been getting the occasional itchy bite, so I decided to check my mattress and found an adult bedbug. This was several months ago. After notifying management, they dealt with it promptly and had pest control come within a few weeks. Before moving in, I was told this place hadn't had any problems with bedbugs since 2009. However, speaking with other tenants has led me to believe this building has an ongoing problem.

This building certainly has a bed bug problem. The management is using a pest control company, and sprayed five units last week, but there are concerns about the reliability of the company they are using as the bedbugs seem to be spreading to units that have not been sprayed. The whole building should be treated with a reputable company. I am in the east side of the building on the third floor at the back and found begbugs in my apartment yesterday. The management said they will spray my unit th

is weekend along with the follow-up spray of other units.

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I have heard reports of a recent infestation in a couple units in the building since i moved in one month ago, and apparently they are on the second floor near the front. I am on the ground floor front and have just found one bed bug while sweeping the kitchen tonight. Going to start on all preventative measures in the morning and have alerted the bldg. manager via a letter. Hope this will work as I would rather not move right away!

Got a call from my building manager that the unit above mine is infested with bedbugs. Pest Control inspector came in with a dog to search all the units in the building. Haven't had any signs in my unit yet, but to be confirmed by inspector. May 29, 2009 - Unit above mine is 2nd floor at the front of the building, #220 I think.

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