1039 Burnaby St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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Moved to 1039 Burnaby St. on Oct. 1st, 2010. The next Monday the Pest Control guys came for bedbugs but the manager never told me about the issue. One week later my girlfriend stays for 2 nights and starts having a bunch a itchy red marks all over her body. Suspecting bedbugs we check the mattress and find a 2 bedbugs well alive. Check under the mattress and notice a dozen of them dead on the floor. I don't know what kind of Pest Control Company they use but clearly it's not effective at all! My

girlfriend is now totally freaked out and refuses to come back... I contacted the manager but it will likely take more than a couple days for anything to be done...

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August 4, 2009
I represent the management company of Francis Drake Apartments. We have aggressively been fumigating against bedbugs ever since January 2, 2007, when we acquired the building. We use the best company in the business - Care Pest & Wildlife Control, who have the K-9 service. As soon as any reports of bugs surface, Care Pest Control are brought into the building right away, and we have them on a monthly service contract as well, to control other types of pests. To date we have spent

$9,774.72 to control these pests, and we have no choice but to continue the battle - no one wants their building to appear on a list like this. We care about our reputation, and want to assure our tenants we will not give up the fight.

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Found bugs spring 2008. Got sprayed 4x in a month. Got the bugs again later that year, got sprayed again.
Talked to neighbor a bit ago, said he had them. 1 week later, I had them.
Time to move.

I also had them last summer and it took the manager a month to get the 4x treatment setup. Now it's March and they're back....... Looks like I'll have to throw out another bed and sofa. I think it's time to move.....

Observed small red bugs in room, near laundry hamper, etc. Didn't know what they were. One apt. resident began complaining of itching and welts on legs, treated her with glycerin to stop redness and itching, but recurred each morning. Began getting some welts myself later.

Some days later apt. mgr. came to apt., saying bedbugs had been reported in building, and asked about ours. Light dawned. Subsequently treated 4X, had to throw out my favourite sofa/lounge/bed because so many eggs et

c. in it.

They have come back. Will likely start a new round of treatments soon.

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