1078 Harwood St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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it is full of rats, mexican which are into party all night and manager does not anything, plus it is so dirty place and smell pot everywhere, but the manager is the first smoking. and he broke into the apartments when ever he fell like whit out any notice.
As i told it is a rats hole.

The place is filthy and dirty, there are mice in this place. Manager does not care about appartment. Some tenants party all night and manager does not do anything about it. Place smells after pot and you can hear everything what is going on next door.

The manager use to break into apartments whenever she feel like, plus she is very lazy and dont clean at all.

Mice! I heard that a tenant moved out in Dec 2010 because she had mice in her apartment across from mine. I didn't have any in my apartment or saw any but then when I moved down the hall, they started showing up. The manager has known this since last year sometime. I told him at the beginning of the year and some other tenants told him as well. The manager Randy said he was having pest control come in but never did. He is a horrible manager and I am getting out asap. I know others who have lived

in this building and unfortunately theres no hope. The manager and the owner are lazy and do not want to put any time or money into the building :(

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Spring 2008 - moved into the building and noticed bites marks within 1 week - a week later discovered 2 bed bugs who had made a new home in my bed frame. Apparently, they can live in the walls of buildings and travel along electrical lines. The land lord had an exterminator come in and that seemed to take care of the problem as I never had any problems again - though the exterminator was supposed to come back for another sweep and never did. Something to be on the look out for if you move into t

his building

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