1090 Jervis St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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This report above in entirely false and was most likely written by the Chinese couple who brought back bed bugs from their trip to China. They're were no bed bugs prior to their return they berated and blamed the elderly landlord who herself is quite ill . All precautions were taken many of the surrounding suites were sprayed. This report is nothing but the rantings and unprecedented anger of people who not only brought back bed bugs but most likely many other diseases that are common in China.

Needless to say the whole building is happy these rude inconsiderate loud and dirty tenants have decided to move on. This is coming from their neighbour.

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Bed bugs have been an issue in the building since 2013 or 2014.

In the last 3 months, 2 suites have been sprayed, one heat treated, and bugs appear to be in a suite adjacent to the most recent spraying.

The building manager claims ignorance and stated that she's not allowed to tell tenants of bed bugs found in other suites. When first informed of bed bugs, she would tell the tenants to buy bug spray at a hardware store. The manager does not take responsibility or provide sufficient backg

round information when asked.

It is now costing tenants several hundred dollars who now have to move, do additional laundry, or find other treatments as protective measures.

The building owner is aware of the problem but refuses to do anything more than chemical spraying - and by the cheapest available exterminators. The result is that the problem will continue to migrate from suite to suite.

Avoid if at all possible.

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