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We stayed in Travelodge Richmond BC before new year. we were bitten by bed bugs and even caught them and put in a zip block bag to show to the hotel staff. They were quite defensive saying they did not put the bed bugs in their room. Later, when we review the tripadvisor and found out someone else were stayed in the same room# 2 weeks before us and got bitten as well. The hotel is negligent to manage this type of issue.

Don't use anything other than Ultimate Bedding Encasements... they really are the most effective Bed Bug cover products available on the market.


also they have the only BED BUG POWDER that is Health Canada Registered.

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Some 6th Floor units had them a few months ago. A few tenants had all their laundry in plastic bags and the pest guys were there. Mgmt confirmed this. We moved from out unit(not related). Had no signs living there but had them in the box spring in our new place as soon as we set it up. After about a $1000 and a full house detox - haven't seen signs of them in months. I'm positive it was from that building. Management at the building was excellent though and were constantly trying to fix the prob

lem with dogs and spot treatments. In the end there is only so much they could/can do with tenants constantly moving.

So even if you don't have them now - watch out. One thing we use now is the Protect-A-Bed "Allerzip" mattress/box covers. I have them on all of our beds. It seals them up tight but still lets the fabric breath. So they either seal them in or lock them out. While chasing an infestation I'd much rather remove base boards and drop a pound of DME in there than constantly be replacing beds (expensive)!

My last words of advice - don't pass off those "bumps" on your arm as spider bites. Or those little brown specs and lint. If you think you got them, take 2-3 days off life/work and get rid of them. Seriously.

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We lived in the 5th floor from April 2009-2010. It was very clean, and we were lucky because we were the first ones to live there after its renovation. We had NO bedbugs in our apartment, but as the previous post, we did encounter several Firebrats (they look similar to silverfish). They are harmless, but they look very nasty. They were mainly living in the heating corners and going through its holes. I tried many ways to get rid of them, but it wasn't possible in many websites it says they love

moisture and high heat... hello, this is Vancouver, where the windows are moist every other day and there was no way to dissemble the heating system... so cleaning religiously is the key and then there wont be that many.

This was the only black spot in this amazing place. Because the management is simply awesome. I really liked the building, the amenities and the neighborhood.

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I live on the 14th floor and have had no bed bug problems. I've lived her for a few years however there are silver fish! They are gross and I see a few every month. The windows in this building are horrible single paned and the grout sealing is rotted away on all my windows and sliding doors, lotsa moisture on windows and moisture under the floor boards by the sliding doors. I suspect this is why there are silver fish. I can't afford to move out. Haven't had bed bugs in this apartment

October 2010
I think that Unhappy Papi is giving a faulty view of bedbug reality in this building. I live on the 20th floor and none of us have had any bedbug issues - ever. I suspect that "Papi" is the individual caught shaking his bedbug infested linens out of his window - numerous times. This became an issue when the people below him noticed the bugs on their drapes - then it all came together. Papi also didn't comply with the exterminators and wouldn't clean up his mess - which is an es

sential part of bedbug control.

His comments about so called 'moldy' bathrooms are completely off content for this site. Readers looking for informed reviews on bedbug infestations might read his comments with a critical eye and determine for themselves if he is writing factually. His review appears more as angry rantings from someone 'eased out' of what is a well run, clean building.

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Summer 2010 - Infested apartment on 15th floor that spread as well as the 20th and I believe the 17th. Found out that the 15th floor place had been infested for months without any action until it started spreading to the entire floor. Also, the old bathrooms can have extensive mold issues since they were not backed with concrete board, just gip-rock. Took them 5 and a half months to replace my bathroom in which the sub-par contractors tossed excessively moldy tiles and gip-rock into open contain

ers in the middle of my apartment and most likely have contaminated most of my furniture. They refused to pay for mold testing, cleaning or health issues. Management is quite non-existent, don't fix things unless you complain constantly. The assistant manager is awful, hangs up the phone on you, avoids work and communication with tenants. Building owners just want to raise rents and do as little as possible to do so.

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Multiple floors on this location were found to have bed bugs in the summer of 2010. Unknown if all units on the floors were sprayed or just the affected units.

In fall 2007 suites 2002, 2003 and 2004 all had bed bugs. I was in 2003 and sprayed 3 times which didn't get rid of them. Landlord wouldn't pay for one of the sprayings. I ended up moving out.

I can supply DE food safe and great for heavy metal detox combined with clay. It is great for bed bugs of course.

I supply it at $30 per kilo delivered to your door.

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Alternately we can come and spread it for you the dust is hard on the lungs but not toxic it is just fine dust no worse than a gravel road.

Hope to be able to help you.

4th floor apt. summer 2007. infested still after 4 sprayings. not given back damage becasue i broke the lease becasue i needed to leave. threw about 2000$ worth of furniture, which cost about $400 to remove. was told no other current problems when in fact i saw pest control there 2x not for my apt.

February 2008

Apt. 1706 was treated for bedbugs.

It is not clear if they have spread to other apartments.

This complaint by ed should NOT be situated at this particular address. Ed is complaining about a skid row hotel called The Regent on East Hastings I do believe (if memory serves me well). 1100 Jervis is a 28 storey West End concrete Building.

from 2007
1046 vancouver bc. canada, bed bugs in hotel REGAL
3th floor some skinhead idiot is working there part time in film industry runing place and hotel Gastown Hotel in Gastown old area of Vancouver UPTOWN room 86 and all front rooms, as well PSB's in air from shore commercial storage you sinple get sic there...
I have receive severe bites after they took from me rent for whole month only altroughout I ask to try stay one day the Hindue owners assure me Hotel is clean etc. w

hile I was there as tourist visiting and did not give me refund back, just other room as well with bed bugs.
Any complain to City of Vancouver is usseless like talking to machine robots or something.
Instead of keeping rooms or washrooms clean they spray to mask filth and are lazy as goes with India type Vancouver Hindue comunity owning any real estate commercial or residential they just stare at you when you want something from them and then ignore you.
I say this if you are non rasist as I am go and stay there and deal with them they turn you into rasist.

Yours truly

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