1145 Burnaby St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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this is a senior building and we have had a number of bed bug problems like many in the west end of Vancouver. I have had bed bugs in my suite on 1 occasion and notified the manager.
The manager dealt with the problem by scheduled treatments and showed a lot of concern. I have been very careful about who i invite in my apt and what I bring in

It is sad for us here that number of tenants do not seem to care about avoiding bed bugs and bring in a lot of used furniture and clothes which may b

e are likely affected. This puts all tenants at risk and then they want help to treat their suite

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This building is a "geared to seniors" building. There have been several reports of several apartments in this building, having bed bugs. The landlord does rectify the situtation by bringing in a sniffer dog (I assume to confirm any infestation). The landlord then decontimates the infected units. Some units have been affected more than once. My suite has never been infected. Although the landlord takes this matter seriously most of the tenants are ill informed and no assistance (If rarely) is gi

ven to assist those in need who are either ill, elderly or the like. The tenant is responsible for cleaning all linens, furnishings etc. There is no aid from this landlord. The landlord is also aggressive and will serve notice legally to those not infected to scan for a possible infestation. Anyone residing at this address who has any concerns should consult the landlord tenacy bureau or seek legal advice.

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