1160 Davie St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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Family is staying here now. They have found bites and staff have found a bug.

Stayed at Sandman Suites on Davie from 6/30/12-7/7/12. Woke up on 7/2 and found some bites over my arms and hands but went about my business. Then woke up again on 7/3 and found more bed bugs and now was getting welts so I reported this to the hotel. They checked our room and said they found one. I believe there were probably more but they did change our room and cleaned our clothes. The following days I did continue to have more but only a nominal amount in the new room. I had to buy new clothe

s, new luggage, pay for a doctor visit and medication for this. I went to see a doctor in the walk in clinic across the street who confirmed it was insect bites and most likely bed bugs. He gave me a more potent topical as I was itching and covered in welts. The city was beautiful but my experience was not. The hotel gave us complimentary dinner and a free night plus paid to have our stuff laundered. It was a nice attempt but definitely not enough. Watch out for this hotel! They have bed bugs I have proof with pictures of my bites/sores.

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