1201 W Georgia St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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Living here currently, no bug problems in sight and management takes issues about the apartment (you need your toilet fixed, oven repaired etc.) seriously and act within a good timeframe. Haven't had any bedbugs in the 2.5 years I've lived here, only ever seen the occasional cockroach trap in the basement.

Are there any updates on this building? Any current tenants able to provide insight?

There are mattresses being dumped beside the building almost once a week, this is illegal and spreading the problem. I believe the 2 buildings are infested! Please dispose the mattress properly!

I have managed the Banff Apts. at 1201 W.Georgia since Feb. 08. I've heard and read about complaints about bedbugs, but I am happy to report that there is no infestation here. We've had a couple of alleged possible incidences in that past year and half and treated them aggressively. Currently, the building is pest free and actively monitored to keep it that way.

whoever is moving out please contact me
[email protected]

i want to move in.

Just came across this. I currently reside at 1201 West Georgia but am moving soon. To be honest the building has it\'s issues, but I\'m not sure that movement (for rent signs) are related. The building typically houses single folks age 20 something to 30 something and we do tend to move every few years. It also has a number of three bedrooms and so typically people can only afford these if they have roommates etc. The rent for a large 1 bedroom is over $1000 so it\'s not dirt cheap. To address t

he issues though you are right. I personally have no seen mice, and have not had any bed bugs, but heard about them. The building has also seen 3 new managers in the last 4 years so the overall maintenace on the building has been lacking. The newest manager is making progress as a letter was circulated just as he arrrived. My suite as well as all of the fourth floor has been completely renovated and has all new appliances. So exercise caution. Make sure you note all items that need repairs on your move in inspection and ask the previous tenant about insects and mice or a neighbourign unit. It is a really old building, with cracks in the brick and crawl spaces between units so these are things to be aware of for sure.

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I've been bitten for the past month or so.

It's official now, though. The war is on.

We'll see who wins.

Submitted by "sucked dry" on 09/26/2007

Its September 26th 2007 I am moving out of my current residence at 1201 west Georgia, on account that there is a bed bug infestation that will not leave. Ive had exterminators in my apartment 3 times and still the problem persists.The landlord will only treat individual apartments but Has admitted the problem is throughout the building, as there have been several complaints. Ive noticed that traps have been placed in the basement laundry area as well.

(incorrectly placed at another location)

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This is one of the very few "heritage" rental apartment buildings remaining in a sea of new condo highrises in downtown Vancouver. I have lived close to this building for many years. Rarely, over the years, if ever, have there been "for rent" signs and when on those rare occasions there was a "for rent" sign the apartment was rented by the time one tried to apply. Suddenly in the last year there has been a "for rent" sign on this building constantly. This is quite unusual for a city that has

almost a zero vacancy rate. The location itself is very valuable. However, there are many empty suites (that can be seen from the street). The pest control vehicle is seen there frequently now. Many foreign students used to stay there because of the proximity to local colleges and transit. It takes awhile for bedbugs to "infest" buildings. It does not happen overnight but even with dedicated pest control bedbug infestations are almost impsossible to control and once these insects have a "foot hold" in a building, it's pretty well "over". Not a whole lot can be done.

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1201 West Georgia. A tenant at this location was trying to sublease her apartment to me but lied about her reason for leaving. I researched on this registry and found that bed bugs had been found there and when I confronted the landlord about (prior to moving in, thank god) she tentatively admitted they were trying to fix the problem.
Don't move here!

My son moved into his apartment and a month later found bedbugs.He reported this to the manager and she called exterminators in.After 3 times of having this done,he moved,had to throw away all his stuff and is now living in China.His address was 1201 west Georgia street,Vancouver,B.C.Also,the manager did not notify other tenants in the building.

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