1254 Pendrell St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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No deaths by bed bug to report lol.

December 2006 Ralph Vipond put up a notice BED BUG UP-DATE
"As all of you are aware, Care Pest Control has now treated all suites and common areas for bedbugs. It may interest you to know that in the process of treating all suites, they discovered about 15 that HAD bedbugs but had not reported them. Had people reported bedbugs (or not attempted to treat them themselves) when they were first discovered - thus allowing them to be treated professionally - it might have been possible to not unde

rgo the massive inconvenience of treating all suites.

In any event, in order to comply with the contract with Care Pest Control (who have guaranteed their results) they need to return to the building and treat all suites where bedbugs were discovered - either dead or alive - and they will return on Friday, January 5, starting at 9 am for a follow-up treatment.

The suites to be treated are as follows:

103 406 703 1103
201 407 706 1105
206 501 805 1205
207 601 806 1206
302 606 906
305 607 1003 1207
306 701 1004


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February 2012

bedbugs on 7 floor. suites on one side of building have bugs lots of them.

The manager, virginia, loves to put up notices likE WE ARE BEDBUG FREE but never puts up notices when bedbugs are found ... AGAIN

The last outbreak - September 2011 - one guy had fifty blood marks on his mattress

Manager loves to collect food for favorites but does little work

She is disorganised says someone who works with her

We are still bed bug free! This is the second whole building inspection that came back bed bug free.

three or four problems with bedbugs this year 2010. New manager is a know it all.
does not read about bedbugs, knows little and does not tell new tenants that there are bedbugs in the building. One person is planning on suing her.

tons of baby bedbugs found on 11 floor. Manager is trying hard. Hoarders still living here. And very old people who should be in assisted care. They do not see bedbugs in there rooms.

MORE bedbugs found in 707, 701, 201 .... thank god there is a new manager and hopefully bedbug situation will improve. Old manager, alcoholic, sick, looks 95, is staying in building ... but is POWERLESS!!! HOORAY!!!

His five supporters are unhappy but other tenants are thrilled with the new manager. She has done more in one month than he did in one year.

September 4, 2009

Bedbugs found in NEWLY RENOVATED bachelor on the 9 floor. Tenant is furious. Care, once again, will be spraying the apartment this coming week.

No matter what is done in this building there are complaints.
I see the pest control company in the building on a regular basis but this is STILL not good enough for all the kings and queens in the building!!
I sure hope I dont make a spelling mistake,unhappy tenant might COMPLAIN about that too!
Happy tenant does not suck up to the manager or the workmen,he is just being nice.Something a good handful of the tenants in the building will never be able to do!

87 suites - 4 complainers = quality building.

If you are unhappy here please move somewhere else and stop bothering us.

The "happy TENANT" (he cannot spell) had the dirtiest apartment the renovators had ever seen!

He smells, does not wash himself or his clothes, carries many bottles into his apartment - an alcoholic - and cannot be taken seriously. Always sucking up to manager and workmen.

Two second floor apartments were sprayed- bedbugs -last week and will be sprayed again next week.

I haven't had any bedbugs in my 10yrs here and the problem is no worse than any other West End building.

And... the exterminaters are "not here every week"!

The real problem is a small group of chronic complainers who are even using this forum to try and get rid of a manager who won't let them run the buiding.

City of Vancouver says bedbugs have been in this building for 10 YEARS. Management Company has not been interested in fixing this problem. Problem made worse by lousy drunken manager.

The renovated suites are supposed to be sealed so that bedbugs can not enter. Many people find they have bedbugs after the SEALING. Terrible work done by sloppy workmen.

The "new" management is as bad as the old manager. Management knows nothing about the life cycles of bedbugs. Useless!!

Sniffer Dog came to senior building on Apr. 20, 2009. Treatment was supposed to begin shortly thereafter. It is now May 16, 2009 and there has been no sign of a pest control vehicle whatsoever. 10 Suites were infected and now even the newly renovated "sealed off" units have been infected. Management is so slow in looking after this problem it is spreading throughout the whole building. People have been severely bit many times over.This has been an ongoing problem for over 2 years because of lack

of management.

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This senior's building - The Pendrellis - has had a bed bug infestation for the past two years. Individual suites are being treated each week. Last year the entire building was treated, and still bugs are present in the building.
My particualar suite has had three cycles of four treatments each time. I have now made every effort to seal possible entry points where there are shared walls and am monitoring my apartment daily.

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