1275 Haro St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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I have been living in this building for about 2 years now. I love my unit; it's so clean, quiet and have never had a bedbug problem. Most of these comments are bullshits. If you want to find out the truth, ask the actual people who live here. I personally know many people living in this building for many years without any concerns. If there is such problem, people can't live here for more than a month. This place is centrally located, very affordable, noiseless, and with very nice neighborhood.


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8/30/2015 - re: bed bug infestation

Please advise if 1275 Haro Street, Vancouver, BC,
has Bed Bugs. they literally eat me - I cant afford to move in here because of that and if I did and had to move would have to bear the expense all over again. The manager seems very nice but that won't help me when I have to go to a specialist about bugs eating me. had them in 2010 in another apartment and that wasn't nice. I am 10 years older now (83) and in not good health and not rich - whatever

I think I would like to live here - just spent many months in hospitals with surgeries, etc. and not prepared to do it again so soon. please give me any information anyone has about the bed bugs.

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Just the absolute worst. Don't move in here, it's hopeless fixing the bedbug problem here.

I was on the 2nd floor doing some furniture assembly service for a tenant there.

I saw white powder surrounding all the bottom walls and floors where the casing are and all along the bottom of the door ways in the hall way of the 2nd floor. Not inside my customers apartment but in the hallway common area on the 2nd floor.

It looked clean at my clients place but it looks like some sort of pesticide is being applied there for some sort of pest control.

I sure hope his place was not inf

ected and did not travel onto me the short time I was there.

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There are a lot of places for rent on many different floors on cl for this address for. I am moving to vancouver from surrey. I wanted to know if there are still bed bugs here. I cant believe hoe many places are infected downtown.

Has anyone had any bugs recently? Just wondering what the status is. I saw the pest control truck in the alley a few days ago, so it's still a problem.

Feb 12, 2011 We found a dead bug by the front door. Infestation confirmed when we received bites. Notified manager who brought in pest control immediately (thank you! manager has been great). We have been dealing with the process to get rid of them for the last week and have met a number of others in the laundry room doing the same.

I just noticed a pest control van out back the other day. It looks like more apts have bugs!

February 2010-this is the 3rd time my apartment has been fumigated for bed bugs. The first incident was in 2008 when they discovered pigeon mites and bed bugs in an elderly, senile woman's apartment. Apparently they gutted her suite on the second floor, but the problem of bed bugs continued on almost a year later in June 2009 when my neighbour found bed bugs in his 5th floor apartment. Once again i endured the fate and prepared for the gruelling process of packaging up my belongings, washing the

m and living out of garbage bags until the second spray two weeks later. I cannot stress how upset I am to have discovered a bed bug on my bedroom wall two days ago after feeling quite itchy for a few weeks now. My fears were confirmed upon my discovery. The resident landlord who knows my frustration from the early incidents has told me that the building management company refuses to spray the entire building and will only spray the infected suites. THERE LIES THE PROBLEM!!!!! This building is infested and his answer to the problem is that it is an ongoing problem in the West End and therefore no different wherever you live downtown. I don't know about anyone else, but since when is having to pay 1000 bucks or more for an apartment downtown Vancouver considered "slumming it?" I've had to pay upwards of 200 dollars to dry clean my clothing and wash and dry everything (CLEAN CLOTHING) everytime this has happend. I've even thrown out pillows, and expensive furniture in my place. It is no less frustrating, time consuming and expensive each and every time i've endured this crap. I'm MOVING! DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Had apartment sprayed in early November 2009 after noticing more and more bites. Situation got better but again am getting bites as of Jan 2010. Saw several live bugs on wall last night. Will be promptly moving out after the olympics.

Building definitely has a bed bug problem. Was limited to certain areas but of course, has spread. Resident landlord has been very secretive about it for over a year now, but I've finally just last week been notified they will be inspecting my suite. People beside me and below me have them, so I'm sure I will get them as I have yet to be sprayed, despite surrounding suites being sprayed months ago.

Don't move in!!

Found a few dead bugs in my place. The apartment was "sprayed" before I moved in. I am having the place infested. The manager refuses to talk to other residents and he is being rude in general, not cooperative.

Major infestation, and the resident manager is being very evasive about it. They've known for MONTHS, yet still have taken no measures to inform tenants. They are apparently spraying affected units, but not the surrounding units or common areas.

I'm on the 8th floor and just found out I have bedbugs. So far the manager hasn't returned my phone calls. My neighbour told me a week ago that he had them and that his place was treated, and i think they're supposed to spray the units on either side...anyway. what a nightmare.

My neighbour has these bed bugs and at least 4 more apartments. Tenants are not informed about this problem and we don\'t know how to prevent this. I like downtown Vancouver and I cannot aford to move out right now, but I\'m afraid that my apatment can be affected too.

I too have been having major bed bugs problem. I am on the second floor and it all started because of the crazy lady!!!! I am so grossed out and moving out right away!!!!!! do not move into this building!

I too have recently been told that there is a major infestation of bed bugs on the 2nd and 5th floor of this building.

The Assistant Manager slipped and let me know that there are multiple units with bugs on the 3rd floor, with one unit each on the 4th and 5th.... UGH!!! I am moving out immediately.

It started on the 3rd floor because of the crazy lady who pick in the garbage bin out back, and feeds the skunks... seriously!

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