1332 Thurlow St
Vancouver, BC V6E

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I have been living here for the past 8 years and have never seen them or heard of any problems with them here

I've lived here for a year and never seen or had evidence of any bed bugs. I've dealt with bedbugs before and was my worst nightmare. The building is great and the landlord is amazing. All in all a great place to live. I'm very happy here and if there were an issue, I'm positive it would be dealt with immediately.

me and my partner have been residents in this building on the second floor since February 2011 and have not seen or been bit by a bed bug. all the units have wall to wall natural hardwood floors which bed bugs can not live, we have not seen bed bugs in the hallways either nor have we seen any pest control people onsite spraying and units because bylaw they have to inform surrounding units prior to spraying. the only reason why it may look like bugs might be in the hallway's is the age of the car

pet and when changed it would be perfect.

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The building is full of bed bugs.....you can see them in the hallway carpet, the floor boards. Its absolutely disgusting!! If they spray a unit....the bed bugs come back again. You end up having to throw out all your furniture and move. A word of advise....do not rent a unit here.

suite 203- I had a major bedbug infestation when I lived in this building from april 2007-2008. When I reported my findings to the landlord, he was not surprised - the exterminator said this was not the first infestation.

Before Christmas, 2007, I discovered them inside the baseboards around the perimeter of my living room, especially under my computer desk. Found more than 20 full-size ones in all. I don't even know how they got there. I just started noticing them one night when I was working late on my computer, and felt something crawling on my hand and then something on my leg in the same night. My bed has been pretty well free of them, though. I check my bed regularly, and there is never anything there, but

before I knew any better, I had brought some with me from my computer desk to my bed, where they eventually ended up biting my girlfriend. I called the manager. A couple of days later, a pest control person arrived, and he was surprised that I hadn't been informed that I had to leave the apartment for 4 hours. Strangely, the pest control person himself didn't even ask me for any kind of proof that showed that I had bed bugs. I voluntarily showed him my collection of bed bugs wrapped in tape anyway, though. Well, a lot of bed bugs crawled out of the baseboards after the treatment, and I soon realized that I actually had quite a few. My computer chair was infested, so I threw that out. The treatment wasn't anywhere near 100% effective, so I resorted to trying my own treatments with raid (for bedbugs) around the baseboards and other areas, vacuuming all the time, and putting double-sided tape around my bed frame legs and above the perimeter of my bed on the ceiling. Actually, I think the apartments in this building are ideal breeding grounds for bed bugs, and I know there had been at least one infestation more than a year before I experienced mine. It's an old building with way too many cracks in the ceilings and walls. As soon as I have the means, I'm going to have to move to a better place, and leave all my furniture behind :-(

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