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I had bed bugs for most of my stay in this building (several years) and that's the reason I ended up moving out. Very little was done to resolve the issue. Also, the building manager was dishonest, he does not keep his word. Get everything in writing from him. I had to pay for many bed bugs treatment while I was assured he would pay for them. He will lie on your face.
I had to throw away all my furniture and clothes on several occasions because the bed bugs just keep coming back in this buildin

g. They are in the pipes and the structure of the building itself.

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Let me agree with the poster below from 2008. STAY AWAY FROM THIS AWFUL CITY. As for this building, it is infested with bedbugs on the 5th floor. Wow, you pay insane rent, and then you end up moving out and throwing away all your clothes. What a treat!
On a side note, there is an odd mix of people in the building. There are polite, educated people, and there are people who look like thugs whom I would not like to pass in a dark alley.

Ah, you say, there are some bad people everywhere. No - n

ot in other buildings I have lived. This particular building reflects a lack of concern on the management's part to carefully select their tenets.

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I have lived in the building for many years and experienced the bedbug problem off and on many times.

I have seen a few in my place and have been bitten twice. I have no idea how bad my infestation is but I am horrified! I plan on leaving asap....

I have been living there for about 4 years. We had bed bugs many many times. This building is infested! Every time we asked the manager and they called pest control but you get bed bugs again because they don't treat the neighbours. We are moving out soon. Getting tired of being afraid to sleep at night. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUILDING!!!!!!!!

This building continues to have bed bugs and they are in the process of treating a suite. Having spoken with numerous Pest Control companies as well as the Residential Tenancy Board, it is clear that the only way to properly treat bed bugs is to spray the adjoining suites of the infested suite on either side, above and below. This building only inspects them. It is an issue of accountability and money spent.

I have lived in this building for 3 years and have never seen or been bitten by a single bed bug.

They are on the move... Have had symptoms of bed bugs for about 7 weeks now... finally found one... told the Landlord - they are going to fumigate... will update later on what happens...

The reson the bed bugs are in the under ground parking and in the elevators is because when you take a bed or piece of furniture out you are spreading them.

The upper floors may not yet have it, but the lower floors of the building are INFESTED. The management does not properly address the problem and only does band-aid cures.

When someone's suite has bedbugs, not only should that particular suite be fumigated, but also the suites directly above, below and to either side should be fumigated. That way, the bugs have nowhere to run for cover. With the management's approach, it is only a matter of time that they are back in the infected suites

again. Speak with any pest control company, and they will say the same thing.

The bugs are spreading in the building, and they can be found scurrying along in the elevators and in the underground parking.

Perhaps the management believes they are saving money, but in the long run, they are creating FAR more trouble for themselves and, of course, the tenants!

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I have lived here for over a year with my dog on the 9th floor and we have not seen any bugs.

I have lived here for over a year with my dog on the 9th floor and we have not seen any bugs.

I was wondering if there are any updates. I am planning on moving into the building (6th floor) and I am curious if bedbugs are still a problem! If anyone can let me know ASAP that would be great!

does anyone knows if 9th floor has them?? im thinking of moving from all carpet flooring 4th floor

thats because the management doesnt want to lose money AND future tenants. chances are if you have them they might crawl in your clothing. at least thats what happened to me one day. i laundry all my clothes and never mix clothes i've worn with the clean ones.
the thing about this building is that it is infested inside the walls and the pipes. i have been battling them for a month now. and it drives me crazy!
when i move im thinking to throw my couch away. right now buying new furniture is l

ike gambling.

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I have seen a few in my place and have been bitten twice. I have no idea how bad my infestation is but I am horrified! I plan on leaving asap but I am terrified to take them with me. Anyone know what the chances of that would be? I've heard they will 100% follow you but not sure I believe that. I also don't want to lose everything I own. My question is if they (landlord) knows there are bedbugs why aren't they fumigating the WHOLE BUILDING instead of one suite at all time? All that does is m

ove them along to another person's suite which is EXACTLY what is happening to me right now. It makes NO sense. I also think it should be the law that as soon as the landlord is aware of a bug issue, a notice goes to all tenants so they can make up their mind if they want to SIT AND WAIT for their place to become infested or high tail it outta there. The whole thing pisses me off! I agree we should meet up and talk about this...

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Hi everyone,I actually though I was going crazy!!! Mywholebody is tickling I'm freaked out. I have bites yet did not see any really big bedbugs. I would seriously appreciate it if someone could call me and answer some question that I have since I am desperate and NEED to know I am not crazy. 604-970-1764
Thank u in advance!!!!

I am exhausted! everyday I would check my couch and bed before i sit/sleep on it. i put on mattress protector - didn't help. I even bought a new HEPA vacuum. I check the carpets everyday. Every sensations, tickle/tinglings on my body would freak me out. When i thought i was safe, they would show up again and bite me. I have bite marks everywhere on my body.

They would show up in the bathroom tub/sink (weird) and would be spotted during the day traveling around.

Does anyone in the building

want to get together and talk about this?

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When i found a bed bug the first time i didnt know it was a bed bug because i have never seen one before. Until i started to get rashes (or so i thought) for a month in february. I couldn't wear short sleeves to work anymore because of the scratch marks and scars. So far the landlord has been helpful to me. However, even after spraying the whole apartment and fumigating it, TODAY i found an adult bed bug bit me. I am horrified and scared.
At first i thought somebody might have carried them in,

but none of my friends reported any itchiness, and i have never had this problem before i moved here (all my furnitures are from my old place). It's the building.
Ever since i found them, I can't sleep, I can't relax in my own place.
I am thinking to move out because I was uncertain the fumigation worked. I clean and vacuumed everyday. I don't know where they are coming from.

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I have been waking up with one or two bites every few weeks for months. The other night my dog found a bedbug and we told the landlord immediately. So far they have been extremely helpful and has already booked an exterminator to come in. I have cleaned my entire apartment from top to bottom and can find no signs of a colony or infestation. I am hoping this was an unfortunate event of someone carrying one bug into the apartment. Time will tell!

my next door person moved out because of bedbug ,1 month later bug moved to my room .so we asked for
pest control but owner said I have to pay $150.00
by myself.
I told them I will go city hall to solve this problem and finally they called pest control.
After 2 times of spray I still got bite so I told manager and owner I will like to buy special spray from Japan.They said they will pay money for it. so 1 week later I gave receipt to them.
but this time owner said they will not pay for i

Owner also said he didn't maid promise with me.
HE asked me which country I came from so I told him I came from Japan.
he said I brought bug from Japan!

owner F is big lair !!!


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last night, i was bitten by bedbags. i found 1 bedbag(looks like adult one) in my blanket.
I never have bitten by bed bugs, i think this bedbag came from somewhere.

I am moving in the place on the 7th floor on Oct 1st:-(. You think they still have the bug bed? If they ignore it can I take my damage deposit back and move to other place?

September 1st I been about to move in when I discover big problem with bed bags. Its problem is at couple apartments and its been there four couple months!!!
Of course management is keeping in secret!!

August 12, 2009

Someone on my floor told me about the bugs about 2 weeks ago.

I discovered a whole colony under my bed this morning.

I plan to move out...

On February 28th I was looking in this building for apartment and I asked if they have or if they had bed bugs the person NO.It is not very nice to lie people about this..

Bedbugs in building. Owner is keeping it quiet - doesn't want to lose money. This phenomenon is VERY common in Vancouver!
For anyone thinking of coming to Vancouver for the Olympics, my advice is, "STAY AWAY FROM THIS AWFUL CITY!!!!"
I have a friend who got bedbugs here and cannot get rid of them anymore. She threw away all her furniture, many of her clothes, had her apartment fumigated many times, and she still has them. You may pick up bedbugs in Vancouver, carry them home, and have more

trouble than you can imagine.

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