1251 Cardero St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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Moved into furnished suite on 4th floor September 2015. After returning from 2 week holiday over Christmas I began to notice a rash on my arms and a week later found bedbugs crawling in the bed and on the walls one morning.

Immediately contacted the landlord and building manager. And moved to a hotel. The suite was inspected and found to have a major infestation in the box spring and in the wicker headboard and footboard. VIP pest control sprayed the suite three times over the next three

weeks. Bed and box springs were then removed and replaced. VIP stated that the suite was bedbug free and that no bedbugs were found in adjoining suites.

After those three weeks I prepared to move back in. But being in the suite for an hour or so, I noticed live bedbugs crawling on the floor in the closet and one crawling on top of the mattress. I did not stay in the suite and the VIP pest control re-sprayed the unit. The tech said that with no human in he suite the bedbugs hide behind the walls and hibernate until they sense humans for their next blood meal.

I have now moved completely out of the suite and looking for another place to live.

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I lived at 1251 Cardero Street for appx 3 years. Moved out a year ago. Never had bedbugs. The last year I was there the building management along with their pest control services came and checked everyones appartment because there was an infestation of them on the 17th and 19th floors. Not sure if any further problems.

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