1461 Harwood St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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Hi, before I sign a yr lease.. has anyone had any problems lately?

Lived here a long time with no bugs, other than the odd silverfish. In 2010 there was a small bedbug outbreak in a couple of units after infested furniture was brought in. Hollyburn dealt with it quickly, with bed bug doggy and repeated spraying. Haven't heard of a problem since. Note to any future prospective tenants - please leave any questionable or used furniture behind, we don't want it here!

We have lived at this location for over one year, and so far so good on the bed bug front. I haven't heard any complaints from any of the neighbors either.

Any updates on the situation here?

It has now been 5 days since I've reported my bed bugs and my apartment still has yet to be sprayed. Furthermore, Hollyburn is trying to put the blame on me and make me pay for the spraying. As per my tenant rights I have refused. Perhaps this is why they aren't spraying? So not right.

I live directly above the person who had first had beg bugs and I just found some in my room last night. In defense of this building, they did do a lot to deal with the situation when it was first found out. For example, they removed all carpets from the lobby as well as changed all carpets in the hallways. My apartment is being sprayed tomorrow.

Just wondering if the tennant who moved in in November 09 is still having issues with bedbugs. I looked at an ad for this place online but now i dont know if i should bother seeing it. Is there still a problem?

Following reports by residents, bedbugs were found in two parts of the building (including our apartment). The manager dealt with it fairly effectively: Inspections were performed, and the affected apartments were treated repeatedly until no bedbugs were found. Overall I was satisfied with management's response, which was quick and effective. It still was a big inconvenience, and required time and money from us as well (primarily packing all clothing and using the dryers a lot).

I just figured I should report bedbugs at this location as I would have appreciated knowing the building had a problem prior to my moving in.

Apparently there are bedbugs on several of the lower floors and several of the higher floors.

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