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bedbug infestation that kept us sleeping on the couch last summer.

bedbugs on the 3rd floor. my place sprayed twice. live in manager was excellent in response and execution of duties. march 20,2012

I never knew there were problems with bed bugs in this building until our aprtments were sprayed this summer. I live on the 10th floor. They did follow protocol. I know, as I used to work in the pest control business.

Here are some tips: Keep you apt uncluttered, steam and boiling water not only kill bugs instantly, but also their eggs. I vacuum and steam clean my carpeting regularly. they do not travel up metal and I always apply a little vaseline on the bottom legs of tables, couches and b


Just to be sure, I buy spray and occaisionaly spray my apartment. I also make sure to spray the carpet outside of my suite. They can and do enter through the apartment doors. Be vigilant

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Im also experiencing this problem and live on the 3rd floor,as a new parent this is unacceptable and notice was not given to me when spraying was done on the suite next to my suite. I am told spraying will occur on Friday September 25th on the 3rd floor and notice as of today has not been given to anyone. I spoke to Karen as well and found her not only rude but uncooperative with this issue saying that "there was no problem" at first, then contradicting herself and saying "the problem was being

dealt with".. As tenants we have a voice to either put preassure on them to do something about it, or get this Karen lady if she is one fired and have someone that is willing to protect the safety and health of the people that pay her salary. I will go to the media, the other naighbours and anyone who will listen until this is dealt with. because we all pay over 1000.00 dollars to live there and im sure it is an investment they would want to protect.

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I don not want to give my identity, but live in the building. Neighbours are talking about bedbugs. Several suites are infested.

The building has been sprayed several times. Each time, they do NOT FOLLOW PROTOCOL. They are supposed to let residents know 72 hours before spraying, IN WRITING, what chemical are being used, where spraying is taking place, etc. etc. and NONE OF THIS is done. Management is trying to keep the epidemic hush hush by pretending nothing is happening. But everyone knows

that bedbugs have spread from one apartment, originally, over (at least) the floors above and below it.

Rather than trying to be secretive and letting the bedbug infestation get worse, management should be proactive and 1. spray and give notice property and 2. evict the disgusting tenant who keeps bringing these things in. Everyone knows who he is.

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Bedbugs have spread throughout this building. My aunt says that bedbugs have spread to her and others' apartments. She is elderly and is having to deal with bug bites and having to get rid of her mattress and doing a general cleanup.

She says that Karen Yates, who is a manager with Glass Manor properties, knows of this issue and is doing nothing about it. We have contacted the health board, but I feel frustrated about the process.

Bugs have spread from one apartment on the 7th floor to the

others. Neighbors are furious, and so am I. This is a disgusting situation and it pisses me off that the management is taking such a lax approach to the situation. These are people's lives.

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Residents on floors 6, 7, and 8 have all reported bedbugs in their apartments. Management is slow to respond and seems to be pretending that there is no problem. But residents on floors 6 through 8 are speaking and saying that they have bedbug bites and are throwing out their mattresses.

This once impeccable building may have a significant infestation that continues to spread. Residents are concerned and some have said that even though they'd like

to leave, they're not sure where they would go. So many buildings have problems in the West End now.

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I was informed by a neighbour that apartment 702 has a bedbug infestation. Aparently bugs have even started crawling under the door into apartment 703. The neighbour informed me that he did not feel that enough was being done to stop the infestation, and that neighbours were not being notified by building management. This is true, as I was not informed until he told me.

I am in the process of putting together information and contacting whatever agencies are required to deal with this issue.

I have never experienced a building with bedbugs before, so I don't know what all is invloved.

Apparently the gentleman in unit 702 is quite elderly and has limited vision. He is also not a 'clean' individual, as far as housecleaning is concerned. An issue regarding this gentleman's furniture has been brought up... from what I was told, he has re-furnished the residence while it is still infested.

I will update this website if/when this issue is fixed.

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