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I've lived at 1278 Granville st since 2010. I was just made aware of this site and have read all these comments. I can personally say that I've never seen or heard of a bed bug problem here. Not once. People who have been evicted seem to have painted this address as a bad place to live. Not only is it affordable for downtown living but it's also very spacious. The landlords Jerry and Maria are sweet, kind grandparents who have been physically attacked, threatened and spoken bad about by jerk bul

ly tenants who didn't pay their rent and were evicted. As for bed bugs, the downtown is infested with them so If you do get them don't blame anyone, just deal with it. I know if anyone has any problem jerry and maria are right on top of it. The comment about pissing on them and die, wow I hope no one ever says something like that about your grandparents. Take it from a person who pays her bills, I'm not leaving this place until I can afford to buy. I love it here, love the location and love the landlords. The only problem with this building are the a holes who vandalize and bully the landlords with violence. That is a persons choice not the location or landlords fault. I would recommend living here to anyone who wants to live affordably downtown on the Granville strip.

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Aug/Sept 2012

bed bugs! ongoing issue be prepaired, or go through hell. landlords deal with the problem but should warn and advise new tennants of precautions to avoid issue.

that building is disgustingly infested and the managers are retards. i prey to anyone not to move in. bed bugs and rats.

July 16th we discovered bedbugs, have been living here over a year. Bed bugs are a truly horrible experience. Apt being fumigated today, hopefully it fixes the problem. Landlords claim no other suites have this problem so we should pay half, we refused askin if they had physically inspected other suites around us. Will see what happens

Does anyone know if there is still a bedbug problem in the building?? I am being informed by the building manager that there is no such problem anymore and i spoke with a tentant who said they haven't had a problem so i wanted to double check before considering moving in! Thanks!

Ever since I moved in there were bugs. The landlords seem very uneducated about how the bugs behave. Orkin sprays but they don't treat individual items. Bed Bugs can hide in the battery compartment of a T.V. Remote.

Orkin came and sprayed, but did not get rid of them all. They said the room was not prepared correctly, yet they came in the room and sprayed anyways. Now the landlords don't want to call them back in.

The bugs will just keep spreading.

Avoid this place!!!

I have lived in this building for a year and just now have bedbugs in my apartment. However, most of what is written about this address is useless information and puerile ranting on the part of illiterate rejects who probably got kicked out for reasons they are not stating. The moment I reported suspected bed bugs to the managers, they immediately arranged for Orkin to come and fumigate and then again in a couple of weeks. They were very understanding and immediately responded without demandi

ng evidence of infestation, despite the fact that we have evidence. The other point I wish to make is that bed bugs are rampant in downtown Vancouver and most other North American cities, including in prestige, expensive hotels. This is no reflection on the cleanliness or management of a place. If you don't understand this, google information about the subject and it will become clearer. This building has other issues regarding security and access, and some of the tenants, but this is the bed bug registry, not the piss and moan registry!!

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My friend lives on the 4th floor and she has bedbugs in both of the rooms! She is bitten everywhere and the manager is not playing a good role. I do not recommend to live in this building!. Also; the elevator smells like pee..

More fake posts that insult me directly and not the building..

As said before my apartment is kept VERY clean and I would definitely notice any rodent or bug problems.

I would not pay $1800 a month to live in a nasty apartment building..

Please disregard fake posts from jealous cell phone unlockers : )

Oh man, I went to this guy's apartment, Kelly Lynch, and he had Bedbugs and Rats in there! He is terrible.

This guy named Kelly unlocked a phone for me but his apartment was filthy and there was bed bugs all over the walls.

There was blood stains and what looked like old dead bugs all over the place as well.

Avoid this building.

I have lived in this building since Feb and have not seen a single bed bug..

The 2 posts before are obviously fake as they are directly referring to me and not the building..

My apartment is kept VERY clean and I would definitely see if I had bed bugs in my apartment.

These fake post's were put up by another cell phone unlocker who lives in a TRULY infested building..

Google his address 1260 Harwood Street and look at all of the hits for Bedbugs and Rats.

I went into this loser's apartment too, Kelly Lynch, and when I went home I was covered in bed bug bites. Avoid this loser as much as you can. His phone number is: 604-771-0404

I went here to get my iphone unlocked by this guy Kelly Lynch (tel.604-771-0404) and I got bedbugs all over me. Avoid entering this building.

We moved to apartment 704-1278 Granville street in 2006 and just bought all of my furniture brand new. Two to three months later my wife started getting red marks on her stomach and she was very itchy. We thought she had allergies and went to the store to buy benadryl. That didn't help. I started researching online what could have caused this since she usually itchy in the morning and bed bugs popped up in google. I asked my wife to help me search the mattress and believe it or not there we

re hundreds hiding in the seams of the mattress. My wife started killing them because they were running away because they were exposed and blood was coming out of them and this strange smell. I took pictures and collected two samples in zip lock bag. All of my furniture including my mattress and bed were brand new, two to three months old. Now they have blood on them. I contacted the president of the store where I bought the furniture from and complained to them that I would like to exchange the mattress and bed because I believed that they came from there. But boy was I wrong. I contacted the landlord and they said that I brought them in. I then spoke to one of my neighbors and he said that he had some too a few months back. I was so upset, i told my landlord that this is their mess and they must spray it asap. She did call the pest company and they sprayed the whole apartment. A couple of days later, the bed bugs were still there. We demanded that they bring the pest company again and I believe they brought a different company. When the pest guy came I saw that he had some numbers written on his hand and asked him what this was and he said that these are the other apartments that he must spray in the building since they are also infested. There were at least four apartment numbers on his hand. Some were on the 6th and 8th floor. He said the only thing that kills the bedbugs is DDT and it is banned in canada. He said that his spray will kill some but will scare away the rest to most probably a different apartment. He added that the only way to get rid of them in Canada is by spraying and quarantining the whole building. Believe me that I had to go through a lot. The bed bugs were in many places in my bedroom. Bed, mattress, night table, clothes, etc... I had to removing everything and place them in plastic and then wash them in hot water. I had to throw away my night table. My bed was all bloody and there was chemical spray on the entire bed so that the bed bugs eggs won't hatch. It was a real mess and I really don't want anyone to go through this. I don't even go to the movie theatres anymore because I found some there too, in the scotiabank theatre in downtown about 1.5 years ago. Bed bugs are travellers and they are very hard to get rid of. I believe there two sure ways to kill them, one is by using DDT which is illegal in Canada. The othere is by increasing the temperature in your house to more that 140 degrees F for 4 hours. Quarantining the whole building is a possibility but that cost too much money. I them moved to a different apartment and called the pest company to spray the house before I move my furniture. They said that under the law they can not come to spray for bed bugs unless there is evidence that I have bed bugs, Which is ridiculous. I had to get three cans of light bed bugs killer sprays and sprayed the whole bedroom since that is the only place in my house that is now carpeted. I closed the windows over night and the following day moved in. We periodically check for bed bugs and thank goodness nothing so far. You can be the cleanest person i the world and you might still have bed bugs. They don't live there because you are clean or dirty but because they want to suck your blood. On last fact about bed bugs is that they can last over a year without feeding and they multiply very quickly.

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Currently a resident still with no problems of Bed Bugs fortunately but have heard of many other stories here. My neighbors are clean and that's a plus as far as bugs go!
I would strongly suggest not moving in here even though the price is okay considering its down town however, the SUPERINTENDENTS MARIE & JERRY ARE NOT ONLY STUPID & LAZY BUT ARE LIARS, DECEIVING, MANIPULATIVE, SELFISH, MIS LEADING & MORONS TO SAY THE LEAST.
Such landlords should be shot & pissed on for their mere-ignorance

towards people who pay for their rent basically. Hopefully one day they'll decide to leave and get the hint that NO ONE HERE LIKES THEM NOR ARE THEY WANTED HERE WHAT SO EVER!!!

BILL & MARIE, we know the owner is a cheap ass but your U2 are by far the worst landlords I've ever seen,EVER and the worst thing that has ever happened to this building. YOU BOTH GIVE GOOD LANLORDS A BAD NAME YOU DUM FUX, U2 & the owner should all shack up and breed your own kind of idiots in East Hastings where you's belong!

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I lived there 4 years and had to go thru bedbugs for 2 yrs. plus there is no security whatsoever in the building since crackheads have really easy access and you park you bike there it will be stolen. Plus the fire alarm goes off every 2 days or so. Also people really like to take a shit in the elevator there. Make sure you double check about bedbugs w/ the landlord b4 sign the lease.

Checked with Orkin when I was considering moving into this place after reading all these reports but then being reassured by Building Mangement that the issue had been resolved. Apparently, they've been sprayed for bed bugs on almost every single floor once a month since January. Don't believe it if you're told that the problem is not on your floor or near your apartment as it seems to have infested the WHOLE building.

The reason I was suspicious is that when I went to look at a unit on the

second floor I found 2 dead bed bugs, even though the manager said that the problem was never anywhere near that suite.


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Infested Disgusting Building I would NOT recommend living there. The on-site managers are USELESS and self-serving. They don't care about the tenants one bit, and are lazy. Many neighbours on the 4th floor had bed bugs several times. They should pay their tenants to live there, not the other way around.


this place is soooooo discusting.... we signed a one year lease and the place was fumigated 3 times. we had to leave after 10 months because we could not take having visable bugs crawling on us at night and making nest in the closet.we threw out our brand new matresses and coutches, that we bought on the day we moved in! the landlord that we delt with moved because of the bed bugs infestation. and we got screwed out of a referance and our damage! and there was constant crack heads setting off th

e fire alamrs from buring meth on the stoves, numerous homeless ppl sleeping in the under ground parking and in the lobby. there was used needles and human shit in the stairwells! not a good place to live at all!! i would not wish the place on my worst enemy!!!

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I have live at 1278 Granville St. for 7 yrs/ since the building open . and yes the building now the last 3 to 2 yrs...., the ... INFESTATION .... is rampant !!

I have live at 1278 Granville St. for 7 yrs/ since the building open . and yes the building now the last 3 to 2 yrs...., the ... INFESTATION .... is rampant !!

Cross posted from wrong address


"My boyfriend and I moved into 1278 Granville St apt#401 in Vancouver in May 2007. At that point the building was alredy infested but the landlord did not tell us. I started getting bitin and broke out into a huge rash that looked like hives and my entire body is now scared. I didnt know what was happening until my boyfriend started getting bit a month ago, then we found out that our place was infested after talking to lots of other residents who

have had there apartments exterminated over 4 times. The landlords did not follow the proper procedures according to the Vancouver health by-law and is not willing to pay for any damages! I am furious and upset and they still are letting people move in uninformed. We now have to stay in hotels and it's getting very expensive with all the itch creams, hotels bills, laundry ect.. I want everyone to know what an awful and contaminated builing 1278 Granville street in Vancouver is. I am recovering from a serious car accident and am supposed to be in bed, instead we are basically homeless as the extermination has not yet worked. Thank-you for making this website I hope it helps people nit have to go thru the nightmare we are currently dealing with."

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