854 S Oxford Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005-2916

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I moved in in September of last year and have been dealing with roaches ever since. I asked them to fumigate/spray early on, which they did, and was told that they were going to do a second treatment-- that never happened. I just asked them to spray again. I keep a clean house, don't leave food out, am probably contributing to the drought by washing a dish immediately after using it. I've exhausted myself with remedies on my own: diatomaceous earth, two different Raid sprays, Combat gel, Harris

Roach Tablets-- and they just keep coming back. It seems pretty clear that it's a much bigger problem than just my unit and likely an issue throughout the building, but the managers aren't interested in treating it that way. The apartment itself is great, so this has been really disappointing.

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I've only lived in this apartment since July 2015 and I am very disappointed. The building is in horrible conditions. Bugs EVERYWHERE!!! Windows are deteriorated, not even basic things we need for safety work, like the smoke detectors work. PEOPLE PLS DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING. Management here is very poor. They never answer to maintenance reports. I'm very sadden by the way I was treated while living here. I don't want another innocent person to have to live in these conditions.

Lived here for almost a year. Moved out Sept 2014 because of bed bugs. Had to abandon everything. Was not convinced management was going to do anything. Was told they hadn't had a bed bug problem in 4-5 years. Clearly a lie. This place has bed bugs and roaches, no question. Protect yourself. Dont make the same mistake I did.

All the workers are here constantly because this building is not passing City regulations. One of the workers stated that they now have to work 7 days a week because city inspection date is coming soon. All the so called "upgraded light switches and wobbly dishwasher is not worth the extreme rent raise. Manager here is very sweet but doesn't mean management is here to take care of you. They are more worried about passing city regulations. This is basically their last straw otherwise everyone wil

l have to relocate... Unless management coughs up money to the city under the table. Most likely. By the way there's a story book tale that said " don't let the bed bugs bite!" Guess what it's not just a story. Come here and live it.

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This building is beautiful! Great renovations being done and I have had no issues with bed bugs. I see the company working hard all the time to please tenants. I'm not sure where the person who commented before me got their information in regards to the onsite manager managing 4 other properties from. They are very mistaken! The onsite manager is full time at our building and tries her very best!! If they weren't trying to fix whatever issue is going on in our building then why would they have w

orkers at our building all the time helping to improve and make our building better. I'm a proud tenant at Oxford!!

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Manager lives here but managing 4 other properties, meaning our problems are not getting resolved! I have lived here for 1 year always had problems with roaches. Roaches in the refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven. The roaches had decreased a bit after placing roach houses throughout the apartment. For the past 2 months I have been dealing with bedbugs. My unit was treated for bedbugs a few weeks ago by an exterminator. I had to put everything in trash bags. I followed every instruction managemen

t had given us which was a 14 hour notice! After still getting bit they told me we had fleas so I treated the entire unit for fleas but still getting bit everyday. I have received so many bites and because I am allergic to bug bites they make me extremely uncomfortable. There is always something going wrong in the building and the building did not pass city inspection. As of now I feel like my place is inhabitable with bugs, kitchen sink leakage, windows not completely air tight( 3/16" opening) leakage during rain and heat from the weather, termite feces (which got covered up with paint)... The list can go on and on. There are many others that can speak about problems within their unit and building.

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I have lived here 4 years, just posting to inform there are NO bed bugs, place is classic and beautiful. Management is as good as I ever had. People on my floor feel the same way, amazing home, love it here.

This place ABSOLUTELY has bed bugs and cockroaches throughout the entire building! The management of this building has done absolutely nothing to get rid of the bugs in this building. Bed bugs are a very serious problem and cannot be treated in a half assed manner. Stan the on site mgr. is a total bitch and is very belligerent, irrational and slow when handling basic maintenance requests or anything to do with treating bed bugs. The building was built in the 1920s and is long overdue for a

serious treatment for bed bugs and cockroaches. Experts say that older buildings have a higher propensity for bed bugs and cockroaches. Many neighbors complained about having bed bugs. It is the most hellish thing to go through. The whole street Has them because I always saw a bed bug truck parked out front at the adjacent apartment building. This place totally sucks and you are very lucky if you are reading this report because bed bugs are a very serious problem to have. Do your due diligence before leasing because bed bugs are all over LA. Read all of the negative postings on this site, people don't go out of their wayang busy lives to post on this site unless there is a very serious bed bug problem in this apartment. The only positive reports are clearly fake reports to cover up the horrible neglect they place on their tenants and apartment building. This building has a horribly mean, spiteful and lonely on site manager Stan Boyer who is in everyone's business because he has no life of his own and Winstar management is a slum lord! Winstar management is extremely dishonest, neglectful and unprofessional. You have been warned, stay away from this bed bug hell hole!!!

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I'm a single woman, moved in 10 months ago, bc I fell in love with the building. Thankfully, it has exceeded my expectations, I don't have any bed bugs, and I keep it clean so no issues at all. It's in an awesome location, and my friends from Santa Monica all want to hang out at my place...lol.. Great management, love I, highly recommended.

OK WAIT. I lived here for about a year and a half. YES. THERE ARE BEDBUGS. I left because I had bedbugs. They were in my bed and inn my couch. It is SUCH an uncomfortable feeling and so embarrassing. "Oh! Don't come over! I have bedbugs."

There were roaches, too. About three months in, I had a HUGE -- no, HHUUGGEE roach in my tub. GROSS.

As much I loved those huge closets and those nice hardwood floors, and the amazing view from the roof - it's just not worth it. I threw away that bed and

that couch. Also, that elevator is ALWAYS breaking down and the trek up to the 6th floor -- nopenopenope.

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I had not heard of nor experienced any bed bug infestations in the building and was a tenant on the second floor. However, I did see the occasional small cucaracha in spite of my cleanliness, which I assumed were coming from other, messier units. This being the third Koreatown/Mid-Wilshire building that I've lived in, I would say that this monthly cockroach occurrence is typical for any older building in the area. The current management has been bringing in more and more young, driven people

into the building over the past few years, so I did not ever have any negative experiences with fellow tenants, nor did I ever see graffiti in or outside of the building. Also, being a small, young lady, I never felt unsafe walking around my neighborhood at night. They recently built the lovely Versailles next door, and Assi just a block over. The neighborhood seems to be improving.

For folks considering moving into the building, make sure the unit is sprayed before you move in, and try not to leave dirty dishes or trash around for too long and you'll be fine (based on my own experience).

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this is the worst building i've ever lived in because of it's condition. i don't know who it is who likes the current management because my experience is that he's incompetent. he's nice until there's a problem with your unit. i've gotten so many bed bug bites and Stan acts like it's an imaginary problem.

Been living here almost 3 years, and love it. I keep a clean apartment, and have NOO bed bugs or roaches. Throw out your trash, and clean up your mess. The majority of the building is really cool an clean, and the management is great so no bug issues for me. I'd highly recommend 854 s. Oxford to any person looking to move in.


I'm looking to move in this building anymore news that i should know??? 854 s oxford.. help still have bedbugs?? safety?? please let me know before i make a mistake... thanks

Wow so this place changed? I'm 20 yrs old, I grew up here, we finally left when I was 14! Thank god or else I wouldn't be alive, before this place was hella full of gangsters AZTLANX3 the whole building was all tagged up, there was always drive bys, shootings, fights, drunkys, elevator was fucked up, damn this place was shit!!!! Hella ghetto, I have good and bad memories here.

Two words: BED BUGS!, no four words: BED BUGS AND COCKROACHES. No matter how clean you are prepare yourself to live under the condition that you will have to educate and prepare yourself for a battle against them. ENTIRE BUILDING RIDDLED WITH THEM. I've lived here over three years, I know. Management forgot to mention upon moving in.

I have a friend that lives at 219 Witmer AVe #207 that has bed bugs. She has been living at the property for about for year now. About two year we have notice the bed bugs but they were not this bad. Now they are alot of them , they have bite her in her head and all over her body and she is a dieabet so they are take along time too heal when she is bit. I just spend the night at her house on April 19, 2010 and got bit all over my face it looks like i have a black eye. My heads, face , and neckl

e are swollen and make runing down my arm. We told the manager the next day and he saw my face, he told us that the people up stair had be affected by bed bugs and they spray she wasnt home for her appointment too be spray her home was not ready but they will back on Thursday.He did give her the intruction on home too prepare the house for the spray company too come, but what do we do in the mean time? This place is low income so she on a fix income he told her too buy her own bugs for bugs bed and do it her self until then yet she has no monye.She has reported this too housing and they said at that time they couldnt see any bugs..Please come back now.

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1920 E. 120th St., Los Angeles, CA 90059, apt. 10
3 rd time reported bed bugs and the investigator went out from Los Angeles 2 times to follow up. Since then the same person found bed bugs early this month of April, 2010.

My wife and I had moved in last April.

Mind you, we are anal about cleaning, in fact some-what OCD...
Probably due to the fact that we had never seen the Bedbug
Registry until after I had signed the lease.
This website made me so uneasy about living here when we first moved in. However, not only did I learn the history of the building, but I also learned a ton about bed bugs...

The current manager has really cleaned up the apartment.

We have never had a bed bug problem, except f

or once.

But I do not believe it was from the apartment itself.

My wife was lying in bed and there was a large bed bug crawling on her shoulder!

However, it looked starved! We immediately killed the little bugger!

We had just installed an air conditioner and I suspect it had come from outside the apartment in through the window.
After we had sealed the window, there were no signs of ever having a bed bug. We have never had any bites or anything like that!

My overall impression of the "V" - is that it rocks.
Basic - but if you clean the hell out of your place it is so comfortable. Cozy!

Stan is the Man. One of the greatest managers I had ever had, and he is really a fun guy if you get to know him.
He never lets a problem go on longer than a day.
At least, if I drop off a complaint he addresses everything within the day or it has been resolved by the time I come home from work! Or he knocks and lets me know the status of the situation!

There are great tenants here and I am very happy.
Other than the stupid parking and film shoots on James M. Woods, I find this place to be a great choice.

If we decide to stay in Los Angeles for another couple years, we will most likely stay here. Probably even upgrade to the 1 bedroom! I love being down the street from the purple line, and I dig all the restaurants and shops around here! I feel like I am in Korea!
Pretty cool!

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Bed bugs are NOT caused by uncleanliness, unlike cockroaches. They are not attracted to garbage, they are attracted to blood, which both neat and dirty people have. STOP ostracizing people for being dirty if they have bed bugs. They may have picked them up unwittingly at a hotel or had the bugs move in when a neighboring apartment was treated. Or they may have moved into an already-infested unit.

And management, stop posing as tenants in order to post positive reviews of this place. So trans

parent. And pathetic.

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I moved to the 2nd floor April 2009. By the 3rd week i was covered in bedbug bites. At first I didn't know what they were but the three little bites in a row confirmed it. This needless to say made me feel very uneasy...I hired a company Green Steam from craigslist which does a non chemical steam treatment and haven't had a bite since. The building manager was responsive but the solution offered was kinda half assed, not enough to take care of the problem and I'm still worried about the adjacent

apartments collecting the bugs that ran from the steam and spreading the problem. I wish management would take bug problems more seriously(not to mention the massive amount of flies that cloud the back area by the trash, really gross) When a case is reported they should be treating all the apartments around you ASAP. If you get 2 or three bites in a row all over REPORT AND TREAT IT RIGHT AWAY...then get a vinyl cover for your bed.

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I feel that I must speak for the new owners and management. I had managed that building prior for 2 years and even though the problem was/is not as bad as people claim it to be, it falls between the responsibility of both the management but even so the tenants as well. The new owners and management are doing everything in their power to rid you tenants of this situation. But like the slang goes, it is a 2 way street. Landlords are not the only people that have to remain responsible

. Tenants needs to follow the protocol that is needed and given to by the landlords and experts on ridding the problem. The landlod is protected under a certain city code that if the opposite party becomes uncooperative,then that is considered "non complaince"

I dont see why trashing the new owners and complaining of this issue is such a bid deal. You guys could begin your preparation rather than typing a blog could benefit you and your sitatuation at this current time

So I commend the new owners for the work they have done and the god they are doing

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Whoever is complaining is simply dirty. If anybody from the city reads this, this building rocks!!! I have been living here 7 months, we are clean (my roomate and I), and we have NO bed bugs.. Our Views are awesome, our apartments is bigger than all of our friends in other buidlings, and the manager gets you whatever you need quickly... Don't complain if your dirty, stay clean, and have pride. We live in a Historic building where celebrities used to live, the management does their part, stay cle

an and do yours.. We love it here, best building in the area, and this is the 4th building I have lived in in this area since I moved to LA.. Love it here!!

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who was the tenant that moved out on the 5th floor/ apt. num??? i just moved here in jan. and live on the 5th floor so... as far as bed bugs... i would of never thought about that until now. its like when you get an ant on you and then you feel like there all over you all of a sudden but i havent had a weird bits on me since i moved in. yes the place is dumpy and yes they are trying to move the shits out aka. AZTLANX13 and make the place better so i hope it happens and i have somewhat plus its

not fucking echo park up in here. the hipsters have some dirt behind the ears and say hello to you on the street so...

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I am sick of this building. Stan is open when he wants to be the hallways are gross and there is always loud mexican music at night.

bed bugs are getting bad in my unit and i asked to be let go of my lease and they offered me to stay at the current rent. Makes no sense, maybe desperation. I have bites all over my legs and its yucky.

I am moving only across the street. Shows that looks are not what they appear

I am in my 9th month in the building and while at first I can't say I was thrilled, there were elevator issues and I am on a higher floor, but since new ownership and management came in I have found them to be very responsive and efficient. I moved from a building a few blocks east which had a huge bed bug infestation problem, I was on this registry with a complaint every month about that building, but since I have been here and especially the last 4 months I have not seen a bed bug, the new ma

nagement is cleaning house and the people that are probably causing the problems are leaving, I can say after living in a bed bug building in the area, this building is great! Anybody who has been around and has friends in this area knows that bed bugs are a problem EVERYWHERE in LA, but in a building like this with great management they really help to fix the problem.

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I am not sure what you can complain about. this building and management do an excellent job keeping the building clean. The reason that tenant on the fifth floor left was probably b/c he got evicted for being dirty. The new managment is really cleaning up the building, and making it a great place to live. We keep it clean in our apartment, and have no bugs. Keep your apartment clean, and you will be fine. We love this building, and so do all the tenants I talk to. I wouldn't ever move. Look at h

ow many happy people there are, this managment is great, and really on top of things! Go 854 S. oxford!!

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incompetence boggles me. The on site manager is very unhelpful, i have pending work orders that have never been tended to now going on for a month. now i have bed bugs, it seems they are renting but these new tenants are now complaining on how this is unfair for us. I pay allot of money to stay in this shithole but now i have bed bugs every since someone from my floor in a one bedroom moved out. Just because they upkeep the lobby does is the only place bed bug free. I have spoke about what to d

o and calling the city is too exhausting. I even contacted the old manager who i dont even know and he advised me that he cannot get involved but gave me some home remedy solutions to help which it did. That 10 min conversation was more insightful then the hit and miss with the current one. A few tenants have directed me to go speak with the owners but what would that do. I dont want to move again but some tenants have advised me of they are relocating and only across the street to the neighboring buildings.

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I just moved to this building from a "luxury" building on Wilshire, this is the first time in months I am not covered in bites, I was nervous to move because of the bug problem everywhere in LA, but this building seems to really be on top of it. I love being here and I love the area and best of all I don't wake up with bed bug bites! I have heard some grumblings from people, but from what I can tell they seem to cause the problem more than anything else. I have a gorgeous studio with hardwood

floors and a view with more room than I had before for half the price! In LA, just stay clean,be careful not to bring them in with you, and get a building that rocks like this one!

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Love this building! We have no bed bugs, you just must stay clean, and you will be fine. The management is great, they take care of Everything, we have tons of friends in the area, and we by far have the largest and nicest studio of them all... WITHOUT ANY BED BUGS!! This building rocks, it makes me happy in LA!!

I have been living in this building for a few months now. I must say there is new management in place, and they really are on top of all issues.. We never had bed bugs, but i know only a few of the messy tennants may have (every building in LA has), and this building barely has. Since the new management took over, I feel like everything has been cleaned out, and the buidling is a great place to live. I love the Art Deco style, and remodeling and I\'d tell anybody to move in and not worry about B

ed Bugs in this building. Its really clean, and me and my girlfriend love it.

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This problem is through out Los Angeles.
I never dealt with this issue till recently. I used to get pest controlled, if needed and they would be out that same week and now there is new people who in the building who own or manage it but I should not have to purchase anything to remedy my problem.

I liked living here until the bed bugs began feasting on me and afraid to even use the elevator because there was a death where an employee was involved, from what other people here have told me.

This is a lot to handle

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November 28 2008

I have lived in the building for almost a year and i have the pleasure of sharing my unit with bed bugs. I am neat freak and am very tidy, I never experienced these type of creatures till recently. Now everything i owe has them, books, i found them between the pages, my clothes, my bed, my dog even had some on her. The new management suck and they dont do a god damn thing. I got a lawyer and i will sew the crap out of those muthaf*ckers

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