608 S Westlake Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90057-3502

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I've been getting bitten by bed bugs since I moved in here earlier in 2015 (having moved from a place in which bed bugs were never a problem). I know for a fact they are a problem in multiple units here, and clearly live in the walls and travel from one apartment to the next. However, management's only response is to spray individual apartments when a tenant complains. This only results in the bedbugs disappearing for a few days, then coming right back in again. Such a headache!!

I moved in on June 1, 2011. Within 3 weeks, I started getting bitten by bedbugs. I would normally notice 2 to 3 bites each morning, that eventually caused scarring. I told my landlord about the problem, but he said it was mosquitos or fleas. Every time I complained, he said the same thing.

The landlord refused to exterminate. I moved out.

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