344 Ellis St
San Francisco, CA 94102-2710

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Horrible infestation of bed bugs in the whole building. The owners tried to hide it from their residents unless, there was an outbreak and the residents started to complain. Even after 4 sets of treatment from the Terminix. Residents still face the beg bug bites. There is no end to this. Kindly stay away from walking into this building or getting a studio for rent. Horrible and unclean place to stay.

The owner is rude and uses cheap treatment for removal of bugs. And its been more than a month that the residents are facing bed bug bites. The one who got in the bugs into the apartment on the 5th floor is being treated like a king provided with alternate studio and the rest of the residents are miserable with their stay in this building.

There is a beg bug infestation in the entire bldg. Multiple units on each floor have beg bugs.

I discovered bedbugs in my apartment in May 2009. I had been getting bites and was hoping against hope that they were from spiders or fleas, anything but bedbugs. Unfortunately, my fears were confirmed when I found a bedbug while cleaning. I immediately called my building manager and reported the problem. They promptly fumigated my apartment twice and I haven't had problems since! (fingers crossed) I was very happy with the way they handled it, although it was a real pain having to wash ev

erything I owned and having to throw away a lot of bedding.

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