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bed bug infestation found sept/october 2015 men's dorm and other rooms at zen center, not reported to tenants or guests due to bad publicity.

Zeb resident and students are reporting bed bug bits to administration/management and are told not to report bits to other student/residents or during resident meetings because it might create fear. Residents are being moved to different bedrooms while the rooms are 'cleaned' and then instructed to reenter and sleep in rooms that residents are saying remain infected. Residents are showing the work leader their bits and the resulting skin allergies with the work leader saying he does not have t

ime to deal with problem. He is offering a number of reasons why the students may have bites.

Residents are frighten to approach this topic openly fearing they will be marked as a trouble maker or possibly be required to leave the center.

The bed bug health issue has been occurring for a few months even though the center has tossed out many beds and carpets.

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Bed bugs in 2006 and Summer 2008 in resident rooms on second and third floors. Efforts were made at abatement. Non-resident developed infestation brought from location.

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