1544 California St
San Francisco, CA 94109-4708

Found 6 reports:

Found 1 in room 129 tonight September 18 2015. I did itch on my foot last night and thought it was mosquito bites. I will talk with management and see what they say

I saw one bug and management changed my room immediately. Also noticed they're ripping out carpets and putting nice hardwood floors. The manager stays on top of things at this hotel at all times. This occurred on 9-24-2011

been here for two weeks and found one in the bathroom. Then going to sleep one crawling up my blanket and another one on my bookbag.

As of November 11th, 2010, there are still bed begs here. I stayed in room 214, and, BLAM!, they got me.

I'd lived in the Stanley from 1990 to 2009. I first heard of bed bugs from a tenant down the hall, Rm. 224. A year before I moved out. Six months later I began to see them in my room, #228. By the time I moved out, 4 months later, I knew half a dozen tenants who'd complained of infestation. This is a transient hotel, so it's not surprising that it should have happened.

rented weekly room at Stanley hotel, found half dozen bugs late that night (3/3/2010) on bed, identified them the following day, changed rooms. Found more bedbugs (not as many) in second room that night (3/4/2010), though its unclear whether they may have hitched a ride in my own stuff from 1st room. Manager called in pest control, said another resident had bombed after told not to. (apparently, bombing just spreads them to other rooms). Other residents i spoke to had not seen problem, as yet.

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