3164 22nd St
San Francisco, CA 94110-3232

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I moved into this building in the late summer of 2014. Within a month or two, I noticed signs of bedbugs and alerted the landlord. From late October until early January, the landlord had a pest company treat using chemical sprays, but they were only doing treatments every 4 weeks and the bedbugs did not go away. San Francisco Health Code requires bedbug treatments to occur every 2 weeks to match with the life cycle of the bedbug.

Finally, after contacting the Health Department and asking them

to talk to the landlord, the landlord had the pest company come and perform treatments on 2 week intervals, placing monitors after the treatment to ensure the bugs would not come back. After only two treatments, the bedbugs were gone from our unit.

However, Health Code also requires that the landlord check all adjacent units for bedbug infestations. Unfortunately, this did not occur, and so the bugs from my unit spread to at least two other units, and then in late May/early June my unit was once again infested with bedbugs. This time, a new company was hired and they inspected every unit, performed a heat treatment on two or three units (including mine) and then inspected every unit again with a bedbug-sniffing dog to ensure the bedbugs were gone. Finally, in early July, the apartment was deemed bedbug free, and there were no recurrences of the bugs until I moved out in early fall of 2015.

More than eight months passed between my first report of bedbugs and the time when the bedbugs were finally gone, largely due to the landlord's negligence in ensuring that his pest control company followed San Francisco Health Code. Had code been follow from the start, our unit would have been clear in about a month and all adjacent units would have been checked and treated, if necessary, in under 6 weeks.

Future renters beware - this landlord is negligent and will blame you for problems that they are obligated to correct. Hopefully they have learned their lesson, but I wouldn't count on it.

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