1100 N Lasalle Blvd
Chicago, IL 60610-2602

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I lived at this place from May 2009 to May 2010. When I moved in, I was placed in one apt that was advertised as "fully furnished." I, not being from the city or knowing much about these things, started waking up to these bumps on my legs. Since it was the summer, I didn't think too much about it. I just figured it was mosquitoes or something. But as the days passed, I would get more and more. AND they started showing up on my face. Talk about embarrassing! Going to work and having to explain th

ese hideous bumps on your face! I went to the pharmacy because the itching was driving me insane and she told me right away that I was being attacked by these insects called "Bedbugs" and that I should inform my landlord immediately. So, I did! I told Linda and Joe (who were the landlords at the time) and, at first, they were pretty decent about it. They moved me to another room on the floor. But the bugs were there too! I went back to them and they tried to blame me saying that they didn't have a bedbug problem in their building. I was livid. I told them the name of the apt building I'd moved from and advised them to call (for reference) to see that it was definitely not me. The placed I moved from was an extremely nice one which I loathe to move from but had to due to finances. At that point, they refused to acknowledge me. I went to their office one last time to get help and I was so upset that I started sobbing. She put me out of her office and closed the door behind me. Such a lovely wakeup call that I was now on my own and had to deal with this problem alone. But I never stopped asking for their help. I also stopped paying my rent. I refuse to pay for a place where I was made a meal. I had no where else to go since I had no family here and friends were out of the question. I was too afraid that I would accidentally infest their homes. I slept on my kitchen table and in the bathtub for the remainder of my lease. Once I moved out, I took nothing with me. I was severely traumatized for more than a year later. I would wake up in the middle of the night thinking that something was biting me. It took me nearly two years to come to the conclusion that it was all over and everything was going to be okay. I'm not sure how this apt is now but if it still has bedbugs, I would not stay there. Save yourself the trauma.

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I lived in this building for only a month in 2009 and had to hire a lawyer to break my lease, it practically ruined my life for the next six months and almost cost me my job. The building was so unprofessional about it and once I figured it out they didn't want to talk to me. NEVER live in this building. Bed bug situation is horrific.

I have gotten ATTACKED by bed bugs while living in this building. The trauma and experience from this situation will NEVER be forgotten and I will make sure to stop ANYONE from signing a lease with this company. VERY unprofessional and still have not fixed the problem.

I lived here about 4 years ago and I still have scars on my legs from the immense infestation that lived (surprisingly) in the bathroom walls.
After spending weeks of research and accumulating evidence, I finally figured out what the issue was (was just a poor college student with a laptop). Yes, you guessed it, it was bed bugs!!! My doctor confirmed this. The incredible degree of research that I did also confirmed this. Sadly, I know how this f*cking things procreate. What time they FEED etc.

This era almost ruined my life, LITERALLY. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't eat. I was paranoid and the management tried to blame me when I confronted them in a calm, mature manner might I add.
As I sat in their office and sobbed, they made remarks that I must have had something shipped from a foreign country (wtf?!), that they never EVER had such a problem before. When in fact, I had countless conversations with other tenants suffering from the same issue.
Most didn't even know what the bites were, they just suffered through it until their lease was up, in the end, just like I did.
The management certainly denied releasing me from my lease, regardless of my evidence. They wouldn't even agree to move me to another unit... Not that it would make a difference I suppose.
I inevitably had to throw away everything that I owned in that studio. STRAIGHT QUARANTINE. Uproot and stay with my friend as I continued to pay rent. Ridiculous!
This was literally the worst apartment experience that I have EVER endured.
I hope to God that any "potential" tenant finds this site and many others frankly, that capture the horrid experiences of this hell hole residence BEFORE they sign on the dotted line.
I, sadly, was not as fortunate.

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This apartment should have disclosed this problem before anyone signs a lease. After finding dozens and dozens of bites all over my abdomen, gluts, and lower back. It looks like a heat rash and can be easily confused. However, after looking on my bedside there were bed bugs everywhere. Tenants admit they know there are problems to the area- they state that the management company says its only on a few floors. After approaching the management company, they denied any allegations

however, wanted to move forward with an extermination and the management asked what they needed to do to resolve this matter.


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I lived here in February, 2011 and there are bed bugs here, without a doubt! I had several bites (30) all over me and this was from 1 night. Blood stains all over my sheets!

This building has bed bugs. NEVER EVER sign a lease here unless you want have disguisting bed bug bites all over your body!!!

It might not necessarily happen to every tenant, but it can happen to ANY one who makes a wrong decision to live there.

There are a whole lot of other places nearby! Think carefully before making any decision.

If you need any solid evidence about the bugs issue in 1100 N LaSalle, feel free to leave your email address.

I'm not the only one who says this. R

un some basic research and you'll definitely find lots of complaints!!!

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This place has bedbugs.. i have video

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