948 West Cuyler Avenue
Chicago, IL 60613

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I discovered bed bugs in my apartment within a couple of days of moving in. I reported it to management and they did 2 treatments over 2 weeks and then an inspection a week later, during which my apartment was deemed free of bed bugs.

I was away during the treatments and came back the night before the final inspection. The first night I slept in my apartment after it was said to be bug free, I got bit. The second night I set out a trap with dry ice and caught a bug. Management

told me they inspected all units in the building and found no infestation, but I found adult bugs within days of moving in and the day after the pest control company had finished treating the apartment.

Talking to other tenants who have been here for years, they say bed bugs and roaches are a continuous problem in the building, so I don't really have hope that even continuous treatment of my apartment (which involved me paying hundreds of dollars to do laundry, get plastic bins and vacuum bags to seal all of my stuff, encasements for my mattress and box spring, bug traps, etc, and then having to live out of plastic bins for an indefinite amount of time), this place will ever me bug free. I found 3 roaches the day I got back after the bed bug treatment too, so there's the beginning of a whole new nasty problem.

Management is responsive and addressed the issue by getting an exterminator there quickly upon my insistence, but this point, I wouldn't recommend this building to anyone...It's a nightmare.

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I have confirmed that there are bed bugs at 948 W Cuyler. I'm having my unit serviced on Tuesday, however the management company didn't tell me there were bed bugs in the building, I was the one calling them - which is an issue since another person in the building had to have their unit serviced a week earlier. According to the city of Chicago, if a landlord does have one unit serviced, it should have the surrounding units serviced at the same time to prevent the spread of bed bugs. If they woul

d've done what the city would've recommended, I wouldn't have the issue of doing $40 worth of laundry and trying to stop them from spreading because according to the exterminator they mostly came in through my front door. I also found a dead bed bug after I sprayed my own door. I am reporting the building to the city but note to others, if you think you have bed bugs or see what could be one right away, don't wait. Since i was so proactive about trying to stop an infestation, I haven't seen one in almost a week.

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