2106 W Wilson Ave, Chicago Il
Chicago, IL 60625-1522

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We have bed bugs again because the landlord refuses to have any other unit inspected or even notify the other tenants. I will now be notifying the others and encouraging them to get a free inspection.

We moved into an apt that had bed bugs already in it. It took us a while to figure out that it was in fact bedbugs but after a specialist took a look he determined that we had a low level infestation. The previous tenent moved to the apt directly below us and Im now concerned that we will just keep getting infested. We are currently going through treatment with Orkin but I am still concerned the bugs will return after treatment. The date of the first treatment was Jan 12, 2015, the second, light

er spray treatment was on Jan 19, 2015. Orkin is returning for a third treatment Jan 27, 2015 as we are still getting bit. The landlord, who also lives in the building admitted to us and to Orkin that he too gets bug bites but just ignores it. Orkin proceeded to tell him that he most likely has bedbugs too, but I doubt he will pay for his apt to be treated, which is also on the floor below ours. This is why im concerned about a reinfestation.

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