1040 W Hollywood Ave
Chicago, IL 60660-4543

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This apartment is disgusting along with the people who live in it. I moved into this apartment thinking it would be a great apartment by the beach and close to the Redline. The apartment looked flawless when I viewed it (prior to signing my lease).

After moving in - I noticed several problems right off the top. The tenants in this building are EXTREMELY dirty. Sometimes there are homeless people wandering around the building as well. I've seen dead mice, cockroaches, rats since I moved into t

he apartment. Have you ever seen meat packets thrown around the hallways? Cause I have.

There are multiple holes in the building as well where all of these lovely critters can come in. STAY CLEAR OF THIS HORRIBLE BUILDING. Management sucks as well. They blame it on you when you report vermin.

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This place is absolutely infested with bedbugs. I have seen as many as 5 at a time on my bed and well as caught them on my body. This is completely out of hand and no matter what you say to these 2 lawyer they are just rude and inconsiderate. They are cheap and won't help you. All they ever say is ASK MICHEAL! So I'm moving hands down. I have losted soooooo much sleep and became depressed. DO NOT RENT FROM HERE!!!!

I just moved into 1040 w Hollywood the last week in September and discovered my unit has bedbugs. It's very depressing. I'm going to contact the owners first thing to see what they do I have too many other health problems and can't live like this

I just moved into this building and had no problem while I was cleaning it for a week (it was nasty). Then, when I asked for the carpets in the closets to be removed, bedbugs started appearing. I've seen 3 or 4 so far, sprayed the place down 4 times. I'm trying to get WW properties to exterminate them, but I haven't gotten a hold of them so far.

I had been living here for a year, and even thought many neighbors complained and advised me of the bedbug situation in the building, I had not seen anything in my apartment. Until the beginning of August, I had some friends over to my apartment and one of them was biten by those bastards. I had to throw away my mattress, sold the furniture, and I'm so glad to be moving out by the end of the month; although, I haven't slept well, only like two hours because I'm afraid of the bed bugs showing up

of nowhere. It's so weird because my boyfriend sleeps there and he hasn't been biten by bed bugs only me. I totally hate this place. Please don't rent here.

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@ Kenny
What you fail to realize is that bedbugs affects everyone from the cleanest to the richest of people. (Example: NYC). All those bedbugs need is warm, moist places to hide like those dirty old carpets this building probably still has and corners to live and breed. It takes extensive exterminating of all of the apartments at the same time to get them in control, not the roach and mice sprays the exterminators that those cheap lawyers use to allegedly use to get rid of them. Those lawyers

are not going to spend the money to place the tenants somewhere else temporarily to exterminate the entire building properly. I hope for your sake that you don't have to deal with bedbugs but something tells me, you might end up seeing one sooner or later.

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01/01/11.As a matter of fact,am just a new to this building and seems suprise to all this report about Bed Bugs in the apartment because i never witnessed it.If the managements of the building has been neglecting their duties by putting the lives of their tenants to risk,from what i know,there has been a great changes now. From de time i came,a lot of things has been putten in place. A kind of renovations going on in the building right now. I also know that cleanliness is also next to Godlyness.

I guess new tenants are welcome. We should also try and help ourselves,dirtyness leads to roaches,bedbugs and even mouse. Am not trying to speak to the favor of the Lawyers but am just being honest here. The owners of the building should continue what they are doing to see that the building is in Good condition. Lastly,my suggestion is that they should also consider fixing Door men to the bulding,that will also add more security to peoples mail boxes.We also consider your reputation and property being condenmed but there is always challanges in everything in life. Do all u can to give the building a new name. I pray not to witness the bedbug because is not a good thing.

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I move into this building this past summer. The first night I stayed here I had shower and was sitting in the living room with my bare feet on the carpet, when my feet started to itch, I really didn't think much about it at that time I just made sure to wear horseshoe when I'am in the apt. But a few weeks later my boyfriend call me and the room to show me that there was something in our bed so I look and saw this bug in the bed. I didn't know what kind of bug it was so I ask my guy what kind of

bug is that he told it was a bedbug so I google bedbug in found all I needed to know. and this is why my feet was itching I was piss so I call the office about this problem and I wanted to know why I was not inform about this before I sign my contract. Anyway they sent this man to spay my apt it seem like it help. But a few weeks later we would find one or two more on our walls or in the bed in this is after he sprayed. A lady whom lived here tried to till me there are bedbugs here when I was moving in I didn't know what they were so I just brush it off ,thinking whatever they were it would be taking care of my the owner. I really wish I would have listen to her, the hallways always stink and people are smoking weed in drinking in the lobby some nights I just don't feel safe here. I want be renewing my lease. P.S. Don't rent here because the owner really does not care about you or you're family that has to live with there BedBugs.

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I currently stay at 1040 w hollywood and THERE IS BEDBUGS IN THIS BUILDING. I moved in about 2 months ago and after me staying here for 3 weeks they were biting me and my infant daughter after talking to the landlord, I called the city on them. You can't keep renting out these apartments and think that is okay,we don't know who the hell these bugs bite before us and what that person is caring. They have a person that stay's in the building to come spray your apartment but he's not a real extermi


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Living in this building and talking to the owners about this issue has made me realized that they dont care about no ones well being in the building. I am putting an end to this once and for all. If ANYONE want to comment on there sitution so that i can take to city hall and with me to court please respond to this. This building and the owners need to be stopped and taken car of. I can only do so much for my family as well for others who are suffering with this issue at 1040 w hollywood. So ther

efore if you feel you want to help by responding to what happened to you in the building feel free t do so. REMEMBER BED BUGS BITE EVERYONE EVEN THOSE WHO MAY CARRY AN ILLNESS!

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I was a tenant there and i know for SURE that there is bedbugs. When my fiance and i moved in the 1040 w hollywood building back in february 2009 we spent the night there the day before moving our things in. the next day when we woke up we felt really itchy but didnt think much of it. While we were moving in we people were telling us stories about the issue. after a while the bedbugs got worse and i made a complaint to the owners. they told me there was nothing they can do about it and that they

are not gonna hire an exterminator. i have took pictires of the bedbugs and recorded my conversation with the owner to proove that they refuse to do anything. I even have a bedbug petition for the buliding which i getting noterized. Im putting an end to this and im sueing!!!!!

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There are bedbugs in the building and have been since I moved into the building a little over a year ago. Initially, I would wake up itching but didn't see anything. However, after I lived in the building for three or four months, I saw bedbugs. I did not bring them with me, because there were no bedbugs where I previously lived.

In response to I. Osari, bedbugs are not caused by dirt; they are either in an apartment when the tenant moves in or the tenant brings them from another location. On

ce they are in a location, it is difficult to get rid of them. Sprays will not do it; the building needs to be thoroughly steamed, because the heat will get rid of them. The landlord would have to have all tenants vacate the apartment building temporarily while the building is steamed.

The apartments that do not currently have bedbugs will have them if other tenants have them, because they do travel. I am sure the landlord wants to get rid of the bedbugs, but he may not want to spend the enormous amount of money it would take to do so. Recently, major department stores in the city of New York had to close down because of bedbug infestations; it is happending everywhere.

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Go to the "Alderman's office" and tell your story. They will inform you about your rights as a tenant and they will help you. They helped me get out of my lease once I found out the building I just moved into was infested with bedbugs.

I moved in the apt in October of last year and I am constantly having to spray for bed bugs recently I saw a mouse run through my apartment and I am not a dirty person at all... I recently I just went trhough two bottles of bed bug spray within a week and I still have an issue at night while I sleep I wake to see them on my ceiling and walls..we also have an a/c unit prblem though my apartment came with a a/c unit, when summer came I found that my studio a/c unit is broken when ask to fix they t

old me I would have to replace it and they only would help put the new unit in..so what happens when I move? The bed bugs I beleive is out of control due to the heating issue of the apartment and now it's even worse I literally feel as though I can't sleep in my apartment because every time I close my eyes with a matter of seconds there coming out of the walls and ceilings as soon as I reopen my eyes...someone please help...And for those that say there is not an issue or you brought them in it's a complete LIE it's in the building already and I feel helpless in fixingit by myself.

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I am moving into the building and am confident that my apartment will be clear of troubling insect problems. Bed bugs do not travel through walls or on the floor. They come in mattresses or clothing when people move in/ or are coming in from another country or hotel where there are bedbugs. After reading the below, if I plqn to go out of the country, I will want to make sure that I am staying at a reputable hotel or place that is clean. If I think that I am returning from a country or place in t

he US or abroad that might have bedbugs or other insects - I'm going to make sure my clothes are cleaned or even thrown out before unpacking.

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1040 West Hollywood
This building is clean and treated for the bedbugs when notified. There are routinely scheduled exterminations by a reputable extermination procedure and which treats anything they find. It is very difficult to avoid pest problems when there are tenants with reported dirty apartments, with many tenants living here, however we deal with what comes up and always keep the building very clean including stairwells and even mopping the garbage chutes to avoid pest problems, h

owever we can only deal with what others have brought in AFTER we have found out they have brought them in... We certainly don't bring pests in ourselves, however we do treat the building for any pests brought in. Once again, this building is constantly treated for all pests and bed bugs, however, and we continue to exterminate regardless of whether bedbugs are present or not . New problems can occur when bed bugs are brought in by new tenants.
We will continue to treat as requested for bedbugs .

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I am a tenant who knows that a clean apartment is the answer. A man came and made sure my apartment was taken care of. The only ones with bed bugs are dirty and never cleaned.
If you clean your apartment , you will not have a problem.
Also, I know two of my neighbors who said they owes money said he called to complain to get discount.

Irate tenant I have live in this building for a long time we have had three fire but one really bad fire in march 2 2009 we were never compensate for our lost of our stuff we lost all they was worried about was the rent money. The bedbugs is out of hand I have lost a lot of thing me and my family have bite all on us from the bedbugs they have mice in the building and they are not doing any thing about it they need to tear it down and start back over againg and pay the tenants back they mone

y they lost because of all this I thank god for him taken care of me and my family because if it was not for I donot know where we would be or what we be doing.

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I have invested more money in the past few months in bed bug spray, mattresses and other furniture and just when you think you can get a good night sleep they come back! My doctor thought that I had acute hives and told me that I maybe I was stressed about something. I never knew that I was getting bit until I saw them in my bed one night. My son was also complaining he had been itching and he couldn\'t sleep. Also I have been told that I brought them here.

Thornridge is probably the landlord. This building had a huge problem with bedbugs and as I see, still does.

No one else is complaining . just cleaned our apartments and no problems.

The "irate tenant" probably owes rent

My address is 1040 W. Hollywood. i have lived in this build since April 2007. The building is invested with Roaches and Bed Bugs. I noticed large bumps on my skin when i awoke in the morning. they would itch horribly. When I brought my new norn child home from the hospital a bed bug was on her mattress. i was so upset and called the Management immediately. the Secretary that answer the phones, tried to say it was my fault, just like the other angry tenant on here. She tried to say that they com

e from outside, they don\'t travel (like roahes) and it\'s not there fault. She sprayed my unit once and then said that the next visit I would have to pay for it and they will not handle it. the building was recently ina fire in March and there were no wqorking fire detectors and they had a pad lock on the exit door on the East side of the building. I am tired of these so called Lawyers located in the loop of Chicago. The carpets are filthy, the halls keep garbage in them. I even witness human feces in the laundry room. the bed bugs are horrible and they want do a thing about them. Someone needs to help. we should not have to live like this.

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I have been a tenant at this building for many, many years and have been through a few owners/ management groups. I do not have this bed bug issue and talking other people on my floor, they don't either. I have had the exterminator out for roaches in the past and for the most part, they have gone away....they remind me (and I am sure everyone else) that you need to have a clean space. Talking to some other people in the building, they say that the ones who have had the problem were moved out of

their apartments to other buidlings managed by this management group. I live on the westside of the building and I certainly hope I don't get this problem in my apartment, from what I have heard it hasnt made its way here. The exterminator says that it was most likely brought in by someone who took something off the street, by the garbage, and brought it into their apartment.. YUCK!!! I am always directed to the extermnator when talking to the manager and I dont have to pay fo the visits.

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this is getting out of hand. i spoke to several tenant and they have the same problem. Please dont rent here it will cause you more pain than anything in your life.The entire building, carpet is very nasty.I regret ever moving in her.I have never cook or enjoyed my apt as a home.Lawyer whatever your names are clean your building.BEDBUGS OCCUPY S 98% OF BUILDING

There has been bed bugs in this building forever. I've noticed other tenants continue to complain about this ongoing issue. I called the office to have them send an exterminator. I want everyone in this building to know that the exterminators are only spraying for roaches and not bed bugs. In order to get rid of this problem the exterminator must spray all rooms, around all beds, all couches in every unit. I don't understand why that we live in a building owned by 2 lawyers that can not fol

low the law. I want everyone to know that Landlords must rid every unit of bed bugs. Its the LAW.

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On September 30, I was noticing for the 3rd day irritating bumps on my skin. Something told me it was bedbugs. I looked to the left side of my futon to discover bedbugs with their eggs hidden in the crevaces of the mattress. Immediately I called management. Management is trying to make it like I was the one that brought them in. I talked to two of my neighbors to find out that the last person that lived in my apartment also had bed bugs plus that same tenant was dirty. The management never bothe

red to clean my apartment when I first moved in.

The management contacted the exterminator and they arrived the next day to control the problem. I'm just upset that the management company are acting like just because they exterminate every 2 months that bedbugs automatically go way.

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