439 Henry St
Detroit, MI 48201-2609

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There are roaches infested in this buikding and bed bugs needs to be exterminated they went up on rent but not concerned about the crime n health if the buikding

In March 2010 I was hospitalized for congestive heart failure. On April 23, 2010 I returned to to apartment building unit 406. This Unit was bed bug free, and I didn't have any problem.
The Manager Martha, offered me a frist floor unit, not to move out the building. The unit 108 was vacant, so I agreed to take it. It cost me over 400 dollars, just to move from the forth to the first floor. I lost vertical blinds, being told that, they couldn't get the screws out!
After moving, my health beca

me worst, and I had started passing out for days at a time.
July 28, 2010 I was rushed to the hospital for emergence heart surgery. But, before the surgery, I was informed (by the doctor) about all these marks in my shoulder area were bed bug bites. The first chance I got, I called the Manager Martha, informing her of the same. Martha, inform me that the unit would be externminated, and she would have their mattress and box springs removed, by the time I returned home.
On August 24th, 2010 I was sent to a nursing home for rehab, until October 4th, 2010. And the same day, I returned to the apartment unit 108. The first thing I notice was two empty bug spray cans, and their mattress and box springs was still there. When I questioned her about nothing being did, she got loud with me, saying you're not the only one who can get sick! She turned and walked away from the door back to her unit, leaving the door open. On the 8th, I seen her again, asking what was going to be done about the unit? I was advised I could get some bug spray and spray the unit myself or what ever. She then informed me that the owner was mad at me for putting his mattress and box springs in the dumpster and didn't want to talk to me. I had seen the set in the dumpster but it didn't come from unit 108, I couldn't lift my arms at that time, and just able to make it around. I did call the Detroit City Department of Codes, and made a complaint about the bed bugs for which a ticket was issued.
On about November 1, 2010 a hearing was held at 36th District Court of Detroit, MI without the present of Apartment Owner nor Manager Martha.
The Court was informed that the eviction was being requested as reteliatory action by owner for the reporting of bed bugs to City of Detroit.
The Judge Ordered the removal of the box springs and mattress and that the unit be exterminated.
Manager Martha, started poking fun at me about the bed bugs, saying I know you are not afraid of some little bugs, and they would remove the box springs and mattress once I move out the building, or with words to the same effect.
On January 4th, 2011 a Motion for extention of time on Eviction was filed with 36th District Court for City of Detroit. I never received Notice of hearing, nor did I received Notice of Eviction from Manager Martha, who receive any and all mail coming to apartment building.
On January 26th, 2011 Manager Martha, unlocked the door of unit 108 letting in Court Bailf Bell, who started throwing my personal property into a dumpster. By the time I return with a Uhaul truck, the Bailf had left and the Manager Martha and her helper aka Lerry Bird the rest of my personal property from unit 108, to their units.
Since that day I've been living in a cheap hotel.

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