25 E Palmer St
Detroit, MI 48202-3821

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Stayed here three years..I stayed on the 8th floor bed bugs infested my whole apartment management is a joke blamed me and said I brought them in from the bus..but I have a car ..they sprayed .y apartment and of course it didn't work if the whole building is infected I moved and had to throw everything away..

WARNING! This place is infested I lived on the 2nd floor and found them all over my mattress and I was being bitten, will be moving out ASAP. Management offers no help but to spray which does absolutely nothing.

Discovered bites on leg and after flipping the mattress we found 4 bed bugs. Management sprayed the walls and mattress but I am still worried. Will be moving out

This semester me and my roommate moved in. the first week I saw bites all over my leg. and they swelled to the point I went to the doctors, doctor said bed bugs. Constantly been getting bitten, trying to find a place to move out. Avoid building , managements solution was to spray pesticide, but was ineffective. found many dead bugs around mattress across this semester.

I stayed the night with a friend at this building on 11/14/12 and noticed there were a few bugs crawling around in his room, but I didn't think much of it. About a day later I came home from work itching badly on my arm. I had small, red bumps on 50% the underside of my right arm. Worried, I decided to go to the doctor which was diagnosed to be bug bites. I then realized the bugs crawling around in his room were bed bugs. Please avoid renting at this place. Disgusting! (they also have roaches)

I live in a studio apartment in an eight story building that I found bed bugs in. I have found over ten the course of a year, but have also seen a dead one in the laundry room in another person's laundry basket. So, I believe the building is contaminated, and not just my apartment. Managements only solution was to spray pestiside along the wall on the ground. The proplem will get worse before it gets better.

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