5200 Anthony Wayne Dr
Detroit, MI 48202-3924

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I moved into this apt building at 66 adelaide st in detroit the ammo apts inot only is it infested with roaches but bedbbugs and all the manager does is offer spray to kill them. Please stay out of this fifly place its not not wortth the hassle

10/2009 to 12/2009

All true--didn't tell us they had bedbugs or roaches (in addition to other bugs)--and very unhelpful. Even said that 27 rooms had been infested the summer before and that there's nothing you can do because bedbugs just keep on traveling. WSU doesn't care at all. Stay away! All these pests are public health hazards!

This apartment is full of pests including bedbugs and cockroaches. The exterminations are of no use. They help in temporary reduction of the pests but the pests are back within a week.

Moved here with no warning about roaches or bed bugs, which my roommate and I have had both. We reported seeing 2 bedbugs in seperate rooms but were told after an inspection we had no problem and had to demand treatment. Now 3 months later the problem is starting again and were notified it is coming from a neighboring apartment. DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! The building is full of these things and Wayne State doesn't care.

I lived in this building for more than 3 years. There are a lot of bedbugs and roaches in this building and the bugs travel across the apartments.
The most efficient way to get rid of bedbugs is kill them when they bite you. Sprays turned out to be ineffective at all. Buy mattress covers !!!

Helena DeRoy Apartments. Bed bugs found in bed. Apartment with 2 people living in it.

Landlords did not disclose that the building had problems with bedbugs and roaches before lease signing.

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