548 W 50th St
Manhattan, NY 10019-7001

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This building is not maintained and absolutely infested. Don't be fooled by any renovated apartments in this building. My apartment at this address was newly renovated and I kept it clean as a whistle. Somehow they failed to tell me that herds of bedbugs would come crawling through my sockets, light fixtures and under my door. I contacted the management company over a two month period of time and I was either told that an exterminator would contact me (which never did) or I was just simply hung

up on for complaining. I spent maybe a total of three weeks in this building until it was to much of a health risk and I was waking up covered in bites. Unfortunately my cleanliness and good hygiene habits were no match for this building infested with bed bugs. I've lived in the city for 12 years and this is by far the worst building I've ever lived in and the worst management company (or there the lack of) that I've ever dealt with (Pinnacle Management). Naively and unfortunately I was fooled by apartment renovations. Do your homework people! I honestly declare this building beyond repair.

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