543 W 49th St
Manhattan, NY 10019-7142
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I moved into this building on 12/19/2010. I have been bitten by bed bugs many nights in a roll. I found 3 bed bugs in the apartment. Basically they are in every room of the apartment. I keep the apartment very clean, wipe the floor constantly. I sprayed lots and lots of pesticide. I complained to the super and had him call exterminator. HOWEVER, there's still bed bugs in the apartment and biting me. Other tenants told me they had complained about bed bugs to the super/management before.

THE LANDLORD DID NOT GIVE ME BED BUG DISCLOSURE!! Exterminator said simply spraying my apartment won't help, because bed bugs can still come from other units. Other tenants said they think the entire building is infested.

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This building is completely infested. Several apartments have complained to management. It has been bombed and sprayed, but they have not gone away.

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