1886 Broadway
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On December 27, 2015, I attended a showing at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas. I felt something on my forearms and thought it might be fleas. The showing was crowded, I was in the middle of a row, and after a while the feeling subsided. But later that night I had 3 big welts on my forearm. I took precautions when I came home by isolating my clothing and then washing in hot water.

I later called the theater and asked to speak to customer service. The man to whom I was transferred acted skeptical about

my report and simply said that they exterminated regularly. This is an inadequate reaction, and I plan to not return until I hear they have treated the whole establishment.

Thank you, bed bug registry, for providing a place to keep tabs on this scourge!

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I'm reluctant to have to write this because the Lincoln Plaza Cinemas show excellent films and I've been there many times without incident. But on the evening of Saturday, December 26th, 2015, I went to a film at the theater all the way to the right as you walk in (located next to a long hallway leading to restrooms). During the movie I had a momentary feeling that something was crawling on me, but I didn't feel anything more or see anything when we left the theater and went home. The next morni

ng I noticed that my right arm near my hand was itching a lot. Then I noticed a series of red bites on my lower arm and upper arm, all in the classic 3-bite bedbug pattern. That night I also noticed several bites in a row on my right leg. We are taking what precautions we can now, I put many of my clothes in a hot dryer for 40 minutes, of course hoping that we didn't bring anything home, but I got many bites so there must have been more than one bug and I'm very concerned. I'm hoping Lincoln Plaza Cinemas will have the place treated and no one else will be affected. Sadly, I'm thinking I probably won't go there again. I guess going to the movies in NYC is just risky, and we all have to take precautions against bedbugs every time. I'm hoping that one day soon there will be a way to get rid of these bugs for good.

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