199 E 109th St
New York, NY 10029-3702

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Discovered bedbugs in 2006. It started over the Summer and we thought we were getting mosquito bites. But then it stared getting colder and we were still getting bites. It was the middle of winter and we would wake-up scratching. Finally one day my husband found what we later learned was a bedbug. We contacted the management company and they did nothing. We lost all of our furniture to those critters and restorted to sleeping on an air mattres. After that we decided to stop paying rent. That fin

ally got their attention and they sent over exterminators. At that point it was too late for us. We were done. This building had a lot of turn around in one of the apartments. Maybe this was the reason. Who knows. May we suggest for people NOT to purchase furniture from any of those mom and pop shops. They usually have their furniture on the streets or in poorly maintained storage spaces that can harbor all different kinds of creatures. Also, note that even though an apartment or building was exterminated for these creatures ones it doesn't mean that they have rid themselves of the problem. Sometimes it takes a few tries before the problem is eradicated. So be weary. I hope this is helpful.

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