639 W 173rd St
New York, NY 10032-1401

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Last summer (2011) there was a major outbreak in our building. It spread to multiple floors 9-12 is what I understood but I may have not gotten the whole story. We've sealed every crack in the place but have been getting bites recently. No sign of bedbugs so far.

We are on the twelfth floor of 639 w 173rd st. We are preparing for our third treatment for bed bugs (the first two failed). We have heard reports of bedbugs on the 9th floor and seen the expterminators around the building quite a bit. I had experience with bedbugs in the past so we've always been very careful about them. Suddenly we just had them. I am guessing that they spread from below us or from another apartment that has switched tenants twice in the last couple of months. I have to a

ssume that 10 and 11 also have problems because our infestation was caught very early and not nearly big enough to have spread down two floors.

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