565 W 173rd St
New York, NY 10032-1633

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From June of '08 to November '08, I was renting in this location with 3 other people. (It was a 4 bedroom.) It was a newly renovated apartment and seemed to be fairly nice, but not even a month after we moved in, my roommates started getting bites. We contacted the landlord, and they came to spray, but a few weeks later, the bedbugs returned. This went on for a few months, and it became clear that the bedbugs were coming from somewhere else in the building, most likely and the adjoining wall

between the apartment next to us and the two rooms where the bedbugs were most prominent. I found out that at least two other apartments in the building had bedbugs as well. I mentioned this to the office overseeing the building, but they refused to take care of the building itself saying that they were only required to spray the buildings of people who complained. The problem continued to worsen. One night, one of the girls I was living with came to my room covered from head to toe in welts and blisters from the bites. She even had bites in her eyes. The office seemed to be unconcerned. After this I moved out. Only two people were now inhabiting this bedbug ridden 4 bedroom apartment, and the office would not even consider lowering the rent. Eventually I called 311 to have an inspector come. In their report, they cited bedbugs and vermin. We eventually (after a great ordeal) broke the lease due to the uninhabitable state of the apartment. As we moved out, the man in the basement of our building took in our furniture as we moved it out to the street despite us telling him that it was infested with bedbugs, and thus, feeding them back into the building. As we cleared the furniture, we found a hole in the wall adjacent to the apartment next to us. Skins of bedbugs were caked to the wall surrounding this hole. This is where we believe the bedbugs were entering our apartment. This whole ordeal happened in the latter half of 2008, but judging from the lack of attention that was paid to the matter by those overseeing the apartment, I doubt that it has been resolved.

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