621 W 172nd St
New York, NY 10032-1801

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In Oct of 2010 this building, 621 West 172nd St. had several apts with bed bugs. Our apt had them, the bugs left a salt and pepper type substance on the bed and we had tiny red bite marks in groups of two or three on our bodies. The bite marks are very itchy. Bed bugs are very hard to get rid of. We washed our linens and clothing daily for months and did not have an carpets at all. We had to throw out tons of expensive things and furniture. We spoke with other tenants and they said they had

problems this year as well. We also heard an apt close to us in our building - screaming "BED bugs" at 2 am & shuffling furniture around. Bed bugs are a major problem in NYC and I recommend staying away from any building with them. The experience was horrid and very costly to us. The insecticides that are used for extermination are toxic and most of the time do not work, they will continue to come back, since the whole building would have to be done at one time and one of the better methods for getting rid of them is by heat and detecting them by dogs.

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